Boldly Go Where Others Have Gone Before, Many Times

By Julie, dodging raindrops in Boston

WCA retreat659869684270_5811006839915814681_n 2Yesterday, we talked about our other lifeboats, but today I want to talk about this lifeboat we all call the Wicked Cozy Authors. We are defining a lifeboat blog as a group of writers who support each other. You see examples of this on the blog–celebrating book birthdays and announcements, chiming in on Wicked Wednesday comments, social mediaing each other’s posts, and supporting other people in the community. We occasionally do panels together, or in groups of 2 or 3. Our bookmark is our calling card at conferences, signings, and meetings. We have a new ad we are running in the Crime Bake program, and Barb just redesigned the bookmarks, using our new header image. (Don’t you love it? Meg Manion captured us well.) We are all keeping the fair ship Wicked Cozy Authors afloat, in style.

But I want to talk about the role the Wickeds play behind the scenes. As you all know, I am the last Wicked in the publishing pipeline. Right now I am going through edits, and am looking at a release date in about a year. That is a long, long time. But my lifeboat team is keeping me on task–offering advice, support. Because they’ve all been there. Some two or three times.

As much as I would like to think I am a precious flower in this writing journey, I’m not. I am writing a cozy mystery. Literally hundreds of people do it every year. Whether you are a plotter or a pantser, you have to get the words on the page (or in the computer), and then move them around until it all makes sense. Then someone reads it, and helps you move them around again. Nothing can make the writing part easier, but having a lifeboat can make it much less lonely, and a lot more fun.

What else does my lifeboat provide?

  • Business advice.
  • Answers to questions based on recent experience.
  • A cheering squadron of support.
  • Gentle (and not so gentle) nudges.
  • Lots of laughter.
  • A group of people who know what you are going through. No explanation necessary.
  • And finally, did I mention friendship?

How lucky am I to benefit from the wisdom of this terrific lifeboat?

P.S. I hope to see some of you Saturday at the Boston Book Festival! I will be moderating a panel called “WhyDunnit”. Edith, Barb, and Liz will be on this same panel, which is sponsored by Sisters in Crime New England. If you are there, make sure you say hello!

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  1. Julie, as usual, a wonderful post. I could not list here all the examples of how my Wicked friends have guided and encouraged me. Each of you are an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing your writing life ( good and bad) with us. It makes writing a little less lonely and daunting.

  2. I don’t get a chance to stop here as often as I’d like these days, but I love you guys. When I get a minute to read blogs, this is the first one I go to.

    And I LOVE the new header!

  3. You are fortunate indeed. BTW, shouldn’t October be National Wicked Month?

  4. Exactly! Gone are the days when writers labored in a drafty garret carving quill pens and scribbling by candlelight. We need each other, and we help each other. I remember when I first joined a writers’ organization (romance, not mystery, mainly because that was the first one I learned of–from a writer, of course), and I was amazed at how generous the members were to a newbie, even those members who had published more than a couple of dozen books. Writers share.

    1. Sisters in Crime New England has played such a role in all of our lives, and is a great organization for writers at all levels. We do need each other, and how lucky are we that we have each other? So glad you are part of the team.

  5. I’d be lost without the Wickeds and my Sisters in Crime friends. I’m so lucky to have so many people to turn to with questions on everything from launch parties to does this sentence make sense. Thanks for saying it so eloquently, Julie.

  6. That’s one reason I love stopping by here; that community and friendship comes through in your posts. It’s one of the few blogs I am still visiting these days. Now that I have a new job in town, I seem to have less time than I did when I had a longer commute. Go figure. And I’ll say it again: I love that header!

    Also, I’m one of those people who read the acknowledgements of books, and I always smile when I see you ladies mention each other.

    Not to mention, I’d only heard of Jessie before I stumbled upon your blog. Now, I’m reading my second book from Liz with ARCS from Tace/Edith and Sherry on my TBR pile. (And yes, ladies, I did get them. I’m so bad about letting you know that. Sorry!)

    A year to wait for the first clock shop mystery? I don’t know if I can wait that long!

  7. Thanks Mark–we love that you stop by, and are part of our community. It means the world. And you’ll be hearing more about the clock shop in the months ahead. Exciting times for us all–can’t wait for Sherry’s debut in December!

  8. I love what you all do as the Wicked Cozy Authors.There is something very appealing about the ways you connect with one another and with others. Love you.

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