Crazy Thankful

It’s Thanksgiving, and we’re all out eating and drinking somewhere. We hope each of you, dear readers, is also warm and happy and indulging in the feast of your choice with the companions of your choice.

We wanted to share something with you we are each thankful for. Not the usual: family, friends, book contract. But something unexpected. An invention that makes our life easier. Or maybe a person who ISN”T in our life. Something out of the ordinary. Take it away, Wickeds!IMG_2926

Edith: I am thankful for my balance-ball chair, which saves my butt and my back from all these hours of sitting and writing! (And I’m thankful not to have to spend Thanksgiving with a certain unpleasant person any longer…)

Julie: I am thankful for my Galaxy Note 3. Honestly. It is a mini computer when I am on the road, it tracks so much of my life, is a GPS, and helps me when I forget a recipe and am on the road. Plus, I can read from it, so it is a portable library.

Liz: LOL, Edith! I know this will come as a surprise, but I am thankful for Starbucks bold coffee to help with those deadlines. And my iPad. Which is also all of what Julie mentions above.

Sherry: I told my husband one of my favorite things is those rubber things that help you open jars. He told me that was boring. So my newest love is being able to open my phone using my fingerprint instead of typing in a password — passwords so last year. (But I still RubberHusbandlike the rubber-opener thing best.)

Edith: Sherry, that rubber thing is called a Husband!

Sherry: My husband is more carbon based, Edith.

Jessie: I am so grateful for the fun I have on I’m an avid knitter and for those of you who don’t know about it, Ravelry is basically like a Facebook site for fiber enthusiasts. People share patterns and photos. They offer opinions about yarns and tools. You can list your stash of yarn and the site will suggest patterns to use it. For knitters it is a cyber-playground extraordinaire!

Barb: Ravelry was founded by two UNH grads. My sister-in-law who manages a yarn shop is also a big proponent. I am grateful to UPS. Not only do they run the store where two little mailboxes allow me to run two little businesses (my writing business and Level Best), at this time of year they also bring me lovely, lovely boxes filled with gifts for family and friends.

How about you readers? What off-beat, non-traditional things are you thankful for?

15 Thoughts

  1. I’m grateful to be able to sit in front of the fireplace and read when there are storms outside and not have to go out on the roads!

  2. Wow, Jessie–maybe now I’ll figure out what to do with all that lovely yarn I can’t resist buying, like the silk/mohair mix I bought in Dublin a couple of years ago.

    I guess I have to say I’m thankful for having space enough in my house to store all those some-day projects until I’m ready for them.

  3. After two years working at a temp and not having holiday pay, I’m thankful for getting paid for today and tomorrow while out of town and enjoying time with family.

  4. Marian Stanley here (as Mary Agnes Burke on WordPress). I have special gratitude for the big, overstuffed green armchair and ottoman where I read my newspapers and books and write in long-hand. And, oh yes, with a cup of strong coffee close by.

  5. Sherry, I love the rubber opener thing, too. The best one I have was a book promotion in the shape of a heart with the author’s name and title of the book. I’ve never seen another one. I’ve wondered where she bought it.

  6. I’m grateful for the friends I’ve made in the last year and the lessons I’ve learned.

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