Merry Wicked Cozy Christmas!

Holly crown with red bowThe Wicked Cozy Authors wish each and every one of you a warm, safe, happy holiday, however you celebrate it. Our gifts to you are our stories, our guests, our journeys. Your gift to us is reading and commenting on this blog. May you be blessed by family, by food, by the blessing of your choice.

Here are a few Christmas pictures of us.

122012BoysandMomEdith: Me two years ago with my wonderful sons in their new matching sweaters (from their father) and my ritual wearing of the tacky Christmas vest.

IMG_3935Sherry: Merry Christmas from the Harris household! IMG_0598


Jessie: Here’s a shot of our origami creche which one of the kids made a few years ago. I just love it!




Liz: Merry Christmas from the pawsitively adorable gang!


Barb: Aww, the doggie ones are so cute!

Someone's coming! I can feel it. It's gonna be great!
Someone’s coming! I can feel it. It’s gonna be great!
You didn't tell me it was THIS guy. He's terrifying!
You didn’t tell me it was THIS guy. He’s terrifying!

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  1. Merry Christmas, Wicked Cozy Authors! Your blog is the gift that keeps on giving, even as we wait the long weeks and months for your next publication. :o)

  2. Great pictures. Merry Christmas! And I got one of Edith’s books from a friend for Christmas, so I can catch up on it before the newest comes out!

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