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By Sherry Harris where one day of spring-like weather disappeared faster than an ice cube in the Sahara

IMG_2611I was looking for a scrapbook I made when I was in third grade that was full of vintage valentines. I didn’t find the scrapbook but I did come across a bag of photos and postcards that were from my grandparent’s farm in Novinger, Missouri. I’m guessing keeping old photos in a plastic bag isn’t the smartest way to keep things. The chair in the background also came from my grandparents farm.



IMG_2624I didn’t find a valentine but I found an Easter card.

This seems to be some kind of attendance record. Each airplane represents a day my dad attended Sunday School. There’s a whole stack of them — a fall one with squirrels, a IMG_2614Christmas one with candles, one with cows, but I liked this one with the airplanes.

I found this picture of my grandfather in World War One. As I recall he was in New York City ready to board a ship for Europe but for some reason was pulled out and spent the IMG_2620war in NYC. I think it’s where these postcards came from. I love the colors.IMG_2604IMG_2602My dad served in World War Two. I think the first one was taken in Iowa City.IMG_2617This one is in the Philippines. He spent the war at headquarters instead of in combat because he knew how to type and could run the teletype machine. But he told us a story of how he and his buddy hadn’t IMG_2618finished digging their foxhole and the Japanese attacked. The pictures below are self explanatory.









And a picture of me from college that was in the newspaper my grandparents subscribed to. Can you tell which one is me?

IMG_2622Readers: Do you have a favorite old photo or postcard? What is it?

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    1. I love old postcards and more scattered around the house. And yes, that is me. I just took a closer look at the article and it says I’m the social chairman — go figure.

      1. If you frame them, keep them out of direct sunlight or they’ll fade. On the plus side, I assembled the postcards my grandmother sent from her Grand Tour of Europe in 1958, so I could give my sister a set, and the colors had held up beautifully (of course, they’ve been kept in the dark for more than half a century).

  1. It’s wonderful to have a small glimpse into the past, even better when it’s connected to people you know. Before my father, no one in my family was into taking pictures, but I do have one photo of my great-great grandmother (toothless and wearing a shapeless black dress), her daughter, her grandson (my grandfather), and my mother at the age of two, taken in the back yard of their New Jersey home. When my daughter was a baby, I had a portrait done of my grandmother (who wasn’t in that earlier picture with her husband), my mother, me and my child, so in two pictures we cover six generations.

    1. That was a great idea, Sheila! My family seemed to have lots of pictures taken. Unfortunately, many of them aren’t identified so it’s a mystery who is in them.

  2. I loved looking at these pictures. I can’t think of the last time I looked at old pictures of postcards. I would bet somewhere around here I have my collection of post cards sent by my grandparents from their various trips abroad. Not that they’re nearly as old as these, but it would be the oldest stuff I have. The older stuff is at my parents’s.

  3. Very enjoyable reading bout old postcards. I have several of my mother’s photo albums and high school scrapbook with pix, poems, song lyrics one has never heard of before. She was in high school during the late 20’s. Thanks for sharing your memories.

  4. Timely post for me, since I am spending a few days sorting through the family albums – some I am seeing for the first time. Wow, do I have some blackmail worthy pictures of my cousins – lolol. My great grandmother had the loveliest wedding dress and another dress showed someone’s exquisite embroidery skills. So much fun to see the old styles.

  5. I remember that “old” Sherry Novinger person. She has not changed a bit.

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