Opening Lines — And the winner is…

eagle1Congratulations to Dixie Kurtz for winning our Opening Lines photo contest. Dixie started taking photos in 2007 when her daughter was on a crew team. Regretfully she didn’t get off the automatic settings until she found herself on the football field when her son played in high school.

Dixie realized then she knew nothing about photography. So she studied eagle2and took some classes which made all the difference. After football was over Dixie felt lost but she lives along the Mississippi River on the Iowa side of the Quad Cities. Eagles migrate every winter through the area and that became her new “thing”. Unfortunately the worse the weather the better eagle action! Dixie says, “It’s sometimes brutal but so worth it! So yes, Eagles are my thing!”

Thanks to our panel of judges and all the people who entered. We will be using some of their photos in future. Here is the winning photo:


Edith: I told her the paint wouldn’t cover the bullet hole in the trunk, and that she shoulda drove it further into the woods. But them South Lick police ain’t found it yet in all these twenty years, and I reckon I’m safe. So’s Sadie’s skeleton right there behind the hole. I know – I check on her every year on her birthday, just like today.

Julie: It’s what we in New England call a summer car. Barely running, only used three months of the year. So what was the guy doing in a snow suit? In the trunk?

Jessie: Tammy said she wouldn’t be caught dead in his car. Just goes to show how wrong you can be.

Sherry: I’d always heard my great uncle Joe got so drunk one night he pulled over to let the bridge pass. He survived but his car wasn’t found until years later when they started clearing the brush for a new hotel.

Barb: The house was completely overgrown, and so was the driveway, which appeared to be swallowing the sedan still parked at the end of it. It was as if time had stopped, and I couldn’t stop wondering why the residents had left, and why they had and never returned.

Liz: No one believed that my sister hadn’t run off with her latest loser boyfriend until a couple of kids found her car one day years later, completely by accident, buried under some brush.

Readers: Add your opening line!


13 Thoughts

  1. “Just come a little farther off the trail, sweetheart. Follow me on this old road.”
    “Its all grown over but isn’t this where Lovers Lane used to be? Where your first wife disappeared?”

  2. I don’t know if I have a favorite in all of the lines posted so far. So many good ones. Here’s mine:

    I told them my car was stolen. I tried to get someone to believe me. And now here it was in the middle of no where half buried in the bushes. And that bullet hole was a new feature. It’s what made me take a look in the trunk, and there she was, my ex. And after our very public break up two days ago, just before my car was stolen. I was proud of myself for how calm I sounded as I called the police, yet inside I was a mass of nerves. This wasn’t good. This wasn’t good at all.

      1. I just realized that I never congratulated Dixie. It really is a great picture, and thanks for sharing it with us.

        And you do realize if I start to work on a novel of my own, that means less time for reviewing.

        (Honestly, I think I would lose interest and the book would lose steam somewhere around the first third if I tried to write a novel. Anything beyond a few pages that I’m writing and my interest wanders.

  3. Love this idea!
    The car was what they were, damaged, hopelessly entangled and too tired to do anything about it. But he wasn’t from around there, he was from far enough away to wonder about that hole, to wonder enough to go find a crowbar.

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