Opening Lines

Add an opening line for the picture below:IMG_2226Julie: And that, dear readers, is how he got caught. Not because they found his boss’s body in the room. But because he couldn’t remember the room number, and when he guessed, he broke into a room where there was a drug bust going down.

Barb: Through dimly lit hallways I’ve wandered, searching, searching as I pondered…

Liz: I had no idea how I’d found myself in a hallway reminiscent of The Shining, but if I saw two creepy little twin girls wandering around I was out of here.

Edith: Damn. The only room with light shining under the door was the one room Dina had guaranteed would be empty. Where was I supposed to dump the body now?

Sherry: I felt like I was in the worst ever version of Let’s Make A Deal. But if I picked the wrong door I’d die.

Jessie: Terrance had made peace with his diagnosis. He’d set his affairs in order, visited with family and finished the novel he had always meant to write. When the end came he thought he was ready. But what surprised him, what he had not been prepared for, was the tunnel. Everyone said there was supposed to be a light at the end of it but all he saw was gloom.

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  1. I hauled my rolling suitcase down the never-ending hall. Room 666 on the thirteenth floor. The last room in the hotel. The key card sparked, my hand tingled as the door lock turned green. I nudged open the door. The force inside threw me back across the hall.

  2. He’d been chasing me, but I thought I lost him. If I could make it to the end of the corridor, I’d be safe. Unless he’d circles around and was waiting to jump out at me from those openings on the right. Maybe I should backtrack, unless he was behind me. Standing still was not an option, but indecision had paralyzed me.

    (I think I’ve watched too many slasher movies.)

  3. It’s a long, long way to go to get that bucket of ice. Do I really need to soak up the spilled blood? Will they find the body if I just disappear? It’s still a long, long way to . . .

  4. These are so fun!
    Maybe she had already begun to suspect that it wasn’t love when she opted for the clearance sale panties at the Kmart but when she saw him exit the elevator and stride down the hallway to hell without so much as a comically doleful expression, or even a shrug she made sure her pepper spray was in her hand and let the elevator doors close.

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