Guest Post by Tuffy the Maine Coon

By Tuffy, standing in for Liz who’s desperately trying to make her deadlines. Tuffy

Greetings! Mom asked me to step in for her and cover today’s blog, since she’s kind of swamped right now. Actually, she told me I had a choice—write a couple of chapters for the book, or write a blog. Since I’m a fan of instant gratification, I decided to write the blog. I’d rather revel in the book when it’s done and I can get all the credit.

The cat tree casualty.

Anyway, I figured I’d tell you a little bit about what’s been going on around here. Mom’s been kind of busy, as I mentioned. I’m hoping she hasn’t been busy enough to not notice the ceiling is falling down in my sunroom because of this wretched winter and all the ice dams. We even had to throw out my favorite cat tree because it was right under the leaks. I am displeased about this, because it was my bird-watching post. I’ve been promised a new one, but have not seen it yet.

It could be for the best, though. I have to take a break from looking out the window, because I’m so depressed at these never-ending mounds of white stuff. I need spring! Warm air! I’ve put in my request to move, but no one has granted it yet.

A bird's eye view of my pants, in case anyone needs a visual
A bird’s eye view of my pants, in case anyone needs a visual

Also, I’m told I need to visit the vet for a “grooming” session. I know what these entail. It’s a diabolical plan to take my pants. I’m a Maine coon, you know. I have very nice pants. Unfortunately sometimes they get, er, dirty, and then I’m forced to undergo this humiliating experience. So far, I’ve dodged the bullet. Could be because of all the snow banks in the driveway, which make it hard to go anywhere, but I’m not complaining.

What else can I tell you? Well, my foster brother The Count is still looking for a home. He’s very handsome – he looks a bit like me, if you couldn’t tell. He has someone who might be interested, so let’s all cross our fingers! I’ll miss the big lug when he goes, but it’s for the best. He hates my canine friends and Lord knows they aren’t leaving. 11002593_1007417812621306_7162049793313453157_n

Oh, and in case you missed it, I have some exciting news to share! My very own story has been published in a book. Yes, you heard that right! I wrote a story for the book Rescued: The Stories of 12 Cats, Through Their Eyes, which came out in January. I’m super excited about this, although Mom hasn’t yet set up any book signings for me. If you guys see her, you may want to mention that, okay?

11043050_629380750542181_4334301557887058889_nAnyway, the proceeds go to different rescue groups chosen by each author. I chose Friends of Feral Cheshire Cats, a great place here in Connecticut that takes care of ferals like my old friend Lion, who I talked about in my story.

So, that’s pretty much all the news from my perspective. Thanks for letting me visit with you today, Wicked Cozy Authors! Here’s hoping for spring, melting ice and intact ceilings for all!

Readers, leave a comment about what’s new in your world. Tuffy wants to know.

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  1. Hey, Tuffy! Good news – it’s going to be warm and sunny all week. Nice of you to stop by the blog today. We love reading about you and can’t wait for the next installment.

  2. Good morning, Tuffy! Gandalf, my Maine Coon, can sympathize with your cat tree mishap, and lack of bird watching ability. Without his window perch, most of his day would be ruined. Hope Mom gets you a new one soon!

  3. Will you be doing signings, Tuffy? We have the same piles of white stuff here, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. My cat Oliver keeps watching for his friend Henry from next door–they bump noses through the screen and talk to each other when Henry visits, but Henry’s not thrilled by the snow so he’s been staying home a lot. Hope you find a good new perch!

    1. Sheila, I’ve put in the request to do signings, but Mom is slow on the draw right now. I’ll let you know when she gets some scheduled. xo, Tuffy

  4. Tuffy, I’m going to have a talking to with your mom about the lack of a cat tree. I’m sorry there’s nothing I can do about the snow.

  5. Hi Tuffy. Just got my copy of the book. Read your chapter first. Loved it. Working on a knit hat for Kim, hope to finish it soon. Beautiful weather here in NE GA..

    1. Thanks, Darlene! I’m so happy you liked it. I’m glad you’re having nice weather. It’s starting to melt in earnest here now, so I’m pleased! xo, Tuffy

  6. Hi, Tuffy. Greetings from Nefret, Bala, and Feral in Maine. Their mom subjects them to combing once a week and, being into recycling, has considered stuffing a pillow with Coon cat fur.

    1. Hello, Nefret, Bala and Feral! Nice to meet you! I like that idea. I’ll have to talk to Mom about it, maybe after she finishes these books. xo, Tuffy.

  7. Hi Tuffy. Le Roi here, star of Wicked Cozy Author Barb Ross’s Maine Clambake Mysteries. I wasn’t supposed to be in the books, but then Barb spotted me on the real Maine clambake island and couldn’t resist documenting my life. All the lobster I can eat, often snuck to me by kind customers, and no natural predators. What’s not to love? Unfortunately, I’m stuck on the mainland right now, where we are also enduring a blanket of snow. Can’t wait for clambake season to begin! Hope your cat tree issue gets resolved.

    Le Roi

  8. Hi Tuffy. I’d invite you out here since we never get any of the white stuff, but I’m allergic to cats and your mom might make me the victim in her next book. Neither of those makes it a good option.

    It’s been warm here over the weekend. I played in an ultimate Frisbee tournament on Saturday and then played some pick up Ultimate Frisbee on Sunday. Plus I turned 40 on Sunday. What is that in cat years?

    1. Happy birthday Mark! Your Frisbee tournament sounds like a lot of fun. I’d love to visit. We don’t have to tell Mom. I can sleep in a separate room so you don’t sneeze. I’ll look for the invite in the mail. xo, Tuffy

  9. Elvira the Wonder Cat sneaking in here while Mom’s cleaning my litter box. I just love it when she does her downstairs Downton-Abbey-esque maid chores. For me! All for me! I’m glad to see another cat posting. It’s about time we had our own platform.

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