Happy Book Birthday Jessie Crockett!

Today we celebrate the third book in Jessie’s Sugar Grove Mysteries, A Sticky Situation. Take a look at what’s in store for Dani:

stickyAunt Hazel isn’t exactly sweet, but she’s not the only one putting syrup maker Dani in a sour mood. Her family is trying to help renovate the town’s Opera House, but their contractor Russ Collins seems to specialize in finely crafted excuses. And his latest one is killer.
In the Opera House basement, Russ uncovers the remains of Spooner Duffy, a charming drifter thought to have skipped town decades ago with a hefty sum of the town’s money. Tapping into some unpleasant memories, Spooner’s bones also threaten to reveal a murderer’s secret, and now it’s up to Dani to catch a killer before the town is stuck with a deadly reputation. Recipes included!

Liz: Yay Jessie! So excited to read this. I love these books and I’m looking forward to Dani’s next adventure. Great cover, too!

Sherry: Woo-hoo! Another fun read and great mystery to look forward to reading! I don’t know how you do it but Dani always makes me laugh. I can’t wait to see how she gets out of this mess.

Barb: So happy to be back in Sugar Grove! Cannot wait to read this.

Julie: LOVE that is has to do with a theater restoration! Can’t wait to read this! Congratulations my friend!

Edith: Ooh, sounds like another wonderful story, Jessie. So happy for this release! My town had an opera house, too, but it burned down a few decades after it was built, alas.

Jessie: Thanks so much everyone! I can’t believe the third book in this series is already out in the world. It seems like just yesterday that Sugar Grove was still just an idea.

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  1. Happy Book Birthday, Jessie! I truly do love this cover. Maple syrup always gets my attention, but I know there is a good book between the covers! Getting ready to order it. Best to ya, kiddo!

  2. Yay! It popped into my kindle this morning in time for airport reading later today.

  3. Happy Book Day! Our town has an over-the-top Victorian town hall, which includes a large room with a stage. The place is said to be haunted. No bodies yet, though!

    1. No bodies yet? Sounds like something ought to be done about that, fictionally, of course. How about Death and the Christmas Pageant? Or Death in Debate where two candidates face off and one keels over right on the stage?

  4. For whatever reason, the first of the month books were out in Eugene on Saturday, so I’ve already got it. It sure brightened my weekend.

  5. Terrific news about your latest book. I love the cover, especially the maple sap pouring off the back of the cart.

    1. Thanks, Grace! I particularly like the cardinal, sitting on the side and watching it happen. I’ve been so grateful to have such a wonderful artist create the covers on all three Sugar Grove books.

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