And the winner is…

We have so much fun with our Stick with the Wicked Contests! It started two years ago when Liz couldn’t go to Malice with the rest of us. Then I got to go with the Wickeds (on a stick) to Bouchercon in Albany. When we realized we’d all be at Crime Bake the contest was born. Our first winner was Barb Goffman, followed by Reine Carter and Dru Ann Love. Who will it be this year? Drum roll please!

First we pulled out the trusty Boston Red Sox hat.


Then we fill it with the names of everyone who entered.

IMG_3190We get a third, non-interested party to pull the name.

IMG_3191And finally the suspense is over!

IMG_3193Congratulations, Jackie York! Jackie, go to the Malice Domestic website and pick the five authors (not including the Wickeds) you’d like a photo with and autograph from. We will make every attempt to track that person down. Please contact Jessie at for further details.


11 Thoughts

  1. So, I was on my way to a work conference this morning when I saw this and I screamed and I scared the person driving the car so badly, he almost steered off the road. Every break I had I scrolled through the the authors names and then I finally made my selections! Thanks Wickeds! I can’t wait to attend!!!


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