Wicked Wednesday — Earth Day

IMG_3212By Sherry, enjoying all of the flowering trees in northern Virgina

As I was setting up this post I realized I didn’t know a lot about the history of Earth Day so here is a little information from the earthday.org website:

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  1. At our house we recycle, drive fuel efficient cars, and plant as many trees as we can in the city. I also do nearly all my shopping at the farmer’s market. In the shop I own most of our artist make new creations using recycled items. We have plants that have been upcycled from gently used clothing, jewelry that was once bottles, and rugs weaved together from discarded tee shirts. Every little thing counts and helps contribute to a better world.

  2. All of the above, plus I have used only reusable water bottles–filling them in the tap–for the last ten years, and reusable shopping bags since 2001. For the last six or seven years I’ve had a vegetable garden, and I do some canning and dehydrating. Mostly freezing, though. My husband hunts deer and turkey on our farm, and we have half a freezer of venison.

    1. The resuable water bottles are great and the bags. When I hear about the floating island of plastic in the Pacific it gives me the chills!

  3. When we first moved here, I was gung-ho about putting in a garden, and started composting. After a few years I found my lot didn’t get enough sun to grow anything (except sorrel, for some reason), so the compost is still sitting there, improving itself. Well-aged!

    Our 1870 Victorian house has the large, single-pane windows typical of its era. We have been diligent about finding or even making storm windows throughout the house (I once heard Norm Abram say that wooden-frame ones insulate better than the modern aluminum ones, which warmed my heart–so we can be historically correct and efficient).

    We recycle, and I go to farmers’ markets when I can–the one in our town keeps moving around and still hasn’t figured out what they’re doing. And our thermostat stays at 68!

    1. I remember that kind of storm window from an Indiana house – tough in the in-between seasons, because you can’t easily open them when the weather is nice. Like today!

  4. I use a refillable water bottle. We actually don’t have recycle bins in my condo complex (and never had them at any apartments where I’ve lived either. If we did, I’d make a point of recycling, too.

    1. I’m amazed you don’t have recycle bins — when we lived in California we got bigger and bigger recycling bins and smaller and smaller trash bins!

      1. The houses do, but the apartment and condo complexes don’t.

        I should point out I very rarely use stuff I could recycle. That’s good and bad, obviously, given my no recycling bins situation.

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