Wicked New England — My Favorite Place to Read

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New England has so much to offer mountains, beaches, rolling hills — the changing seasons. So Wickeds where is your favorite place to read? Does it change with the season?

sorority reunion 052Sherry: My very favorite place to read is in bed at the end of a long day, propped up on a couple of pillows. But when I lived in Massachusetts I went on a girls trip with my mom and my sister to Rockport, Massachusetts. The house we rented had the perfect place to read or sit and reflect.

EdithChairEdith: I really can read anywhere. The rocking chair in my office, which was my grandfather’s and then my mother’s, is a comfortable comforting place in which to soak up a CraneBeach

book. But I’ve read sunning at Crane Beach in Ipswich, camping at Russell Pond in New Hampshire, on cross-country airplanes, in waiting rooms.

Even at one, my granddaughter understood the joy of reading on the porch.
Even at one, my granddaughter understood the joy of reading on the porch.

Barb: I didn’t even have to think about this one. Hands down, the big front porch overlooking the harbor at out house in Boothbay.

Liz: The beach will always be my favorite place to read, hands down. However, the Lebanon Town Green where the dogs like to walk is also a great place, with little benches,  lots of trees and gorgeous views.


Jessie:In the summer I love to read on the beach in Old Orchard. There is nothing like being stretched out on the sand, under a floppy hat with the waves lapping nearby.

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Julie: My favorite place is on vacation, wherever that is.

Readers: Where is your favorite reading spot?

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  1. I would have to say the back deck of my remote northern cabin, overlooking the lake. It’s far enough away that I don’t get to spend as much time there as I would like, so when I am there, the time is extra special. But I can (and do) read just about anywhere. I even “read” (by listening to audiobooks) when I take my morning walk.

  2. In bed, usually–although then there’s the risk of falling asleep. I always find the light too extreme on a beach (not that I spend much time on beaches, with my fair Irish skin!).

    But in my recent e-book, Defending the Dead, I shamelessly borrowed my own house in describing the house in the story. But I made one change: in the real house there’s an odd alcove in one room, that serves no purpose, but it has an oversize window. In the book I added a window seat under the window, which would fit perfectly. That would be a great place to read. Maybe I’ll go measure it…

  3. In bed with pillows – bliss! Or lounging on the chaise longue/lounge (however it’s spelled). Seems I need my feet up to read properly.

    1. That always sounds so lovely but every time I think about doing just that I worry I will fall asleep and drop my book or worse, e-reader into the tub!

  4. I do the majority of my reading on my lunch hour. I head to the passenger’s seat in my car and read. So I guess that’s my favorite place to read? Other places I read a lot – the break room (on my breaks), my bed at night before falling asleep, and the recliner in my living room. But really, that front seat is where it mostly happens.

  5. In bed, on my side with a body pillow to prop my book or e-reader up. It’s the best time of day. On the patio with a cup of coffee or other tea is nice, too. All the places mentioned are great, but in bed is the only place where I don’t get distracted and can fully immerse myself in the story.

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