Opening Lines

Write an opening line for the winter farm-themed picture as we continue to celebrate the release of Edith’s book Farmed and Dangerous.

EdithFarmJulie: The plants looked good, really good. Maybe it was the fresh plastic that kept in the heat, but let in the light. Or perhaps the melted snow had magic properties. She suspect it was the decision to use her ex-husband as fertilizer. No matter what it was, it was a bumper crop, for sure.

Jessie: The ad on Craigslist read “Cozy home with spacious sunroom.” When Bonnie complained that a broken-down camper and makeshift greenhouse weren’t what she had imagined Clyde pointed out it had also read “No questions asked.”

Liz: My grandmother wasn’t answering her doorbell, but there was an eerie light emanating from her creepy greenhouse out back. Something told me not to go in there, but I had to see if she’d finally disposed of my grandfather once and for all.

Sherry: The thaw was occurring faster than the decomposition. Time to hookup the camper and move on.

Edith: Jimmy slogged through the snow toward the high tunnel. I hoped the levitating cement blocks would cue him in to the danger. But the aliens had taken over those formerly inanimate forms just liked they’d taken over me. Jimmy didn’t have a chance.

Barb: And that was the last time we used Airbnb.

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  1. Exotic hybrid black and red tulip bulbs smuggled in from Holland; I checked every day for the leaves to emerge, wondering if they would be red and black, as promised.

  2. It was sort of a greenhouse. Like every other soft of thing on the place. But it seemed to fit the bill for Jenna – until……

  3. She stepped back in satisfaction. The double layer of plastic sheeting stretched over the window opening would still let the light in while keeping more of the biting winds out, making the Quonset hut just livable. Once she got rid of the camper, she could stay hidden here through the winter.

  4. I could see the body just inside the greenhouse door. And yet the plastic and doors were all sealed – from the inside. Looked like a sealed greenhouse mystery to me.

  5. It had been a week since she’d found the body in the greenhouse, Lt. Jacobson was no closer to finding who killed him, or for that matter, what his name was. She just knew the tomato plants would be near death and so would the beautiful flower seeds she’d planted just a week before the “body” incident. She’d called Lt. Jacobson again that morning begging and pleading to be able to get into the greenhouse, but once again she was told no! Well as far as she was concerned this had gone on long enough and she needed to do something, even if that something was finding out what happened that fateful night in her greenhouse.

  6. His face twisted into an almost grin. Lexie never was the smartest of the his people, but he thought she’d at least have the brains to leave her orange jacket behind before taking to to hide in the grow house.

  7. Even the harsh chill to the air couldn’t mask the unmistakable scent of death emanating from behind the plastic enclosed walls of the greenhouse.

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