Happy Book Birthday – Privy to the Dead

champagne-bottle-cork2Sheila Connolly’s latest Museum Mystery came out last week – so this is a Happy Belated Book Birthday to Privy to the Dead! Lift a glass to our very prolific Wicked Accomplice. Here’s the scoop:


A suspicious death has Nell Pratt down in the dumps…

Nell Pratt, president of the Pennsylvania Antiquarian Society, has something to smile about thanks to a generous donation from a major Philadelphia developer who’s willing to help update their museum. But renovations have barely begun when a man is struck by a car in front of the building and killed.

The victim is a construction worker who found a curious metal object while excavating an old privy in the museum’s basement. Nell thinks the death is somehow connected to the Society, and her suspicions are confirmed when an antiques expert reveals a link between the objects from the cellar and a fellow staff member’s family.

Now Nell must unearth a mystery with ties to the past and the present. Because when someone is willing to kill over scrap metal, there’s no telling what they’ll do next…

Edith: I love this series. Nell is smart and interesting, and I’ve learned so much about a small museum, the city of Philadelphia, and the life of fundraising and archiving. I can’t wait to read this installment.

Jessie: What a fun title, Sheila! It is sure to be another great read!

Sherry: Happy Book Birthday! You are keeping my TBR pile full and I look forward to this next adventure!

Barb: I am also a fan of this series. I like that Nell is a professional person, a flawed and interesting individual who lives in an interesting world. Also, since I went to college in Philadelphia, and to a university that has a museum….

Liz: Happy book birthday Sheila! Looking forward to reading!

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  1. Aw, thanks. I had to laugh at the timely news this past week that the “missing” valuable prints from the Boston Public Library were found–in the room that they had never left. They were laying on the wrong shelf, where some staff member had probably set them down just for the moment… This is the reality of libraries and museums, although most don’t toss things down a hole in the floor!

  2. Hey, Sheila,
    Just started reading this last evening and loving it so far. Liking that Nell is having to find furniture for her “new” house, too.


  3. I love this series! I especially like that it’s set in a city, which is a nice change from all of our small towns. Congrats, Sheila!

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