Wicked Wednesday: Spring/Summer Wardrobe

There is a brief period of time in New England that is called spring,and it is quickly replaced by summer, which is almost upon us. Wickeds and Readers, what is your favorite piece of clothing that you wear during the late spring or early summer? What one thing can’t you wait to be able to put on after a dire winter? Does you color-palate change?

IMG_3736_2Julie: I love being able to wear my jean jacket, and that is enough. I also love light cardigans, and layering. My palette explodes in the spring. Winter is pretty gray/black. Spring has more pinks, some blues. Still a lot of gray and black, but with zippier accents.

Jessie: I wear dresses all year long but I lfloppy hRove to be able to wear them with sandals and a giant floppy hat instead of with heavy tights and knee-high leather boots.

peach heels
Edith: Ya mean like these, Liz?

Liz: I’m so excited about colors this year. I recently did a mega-purge of clothes and shoes and have been trying to replace things with colors. I have my eye on a fun pair of peach pumps right now at DSW…


Edith: Sandals! I have chronically cold feet in winter, so when it’s warm enough for me to don my Birkies, I’m a happy girl. sandals


Barb: I’ll do Edith one better and say, barefeet! The minute the furnace goes off, so do the shoes, in the house, on the porch, on the beach. Anywhere I can get away with it. It is one of my favorite things.


Sherry: I trade in my jeans for skirts and long sleeves for short sleeves. And I’m so happy not to be bundled up in a coat, gloves, and scarf!

Readers: What do you love to wear, or to quit wearing, once the weather warms?

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  1. I like wearing flip flops because they can be quite trendy and they’re comfortable too. I love the other beautiful sandals and shoes out there, but my poor feet can’t take it.

    1. I only wear flip flops to the beach, because my feet need more support (thus Birkenstocks). But there are some very pretty ones out there!

  2. A favorite gray-and-blue-stripe cotton sweater from Maine! Late spring, I wear it every other day, with jeans, shorts, or sweats, and pretend I’m on the beach at Biddeford Pool.

  3. I wear shorts once it warms up. And that sometimes is in spring. I now wear long sleeve shirts for work, but I used to wear short sleeve shirts year round.

  4. I have a quilted cotton jacket that is only good for moderate temps, so I love it spring and fall, and it might last forever with those short seasons. It’s now time for sandals! Hurrah!

      1. I confess to committing the capital offense of wearing socks with my sandals, or more accurately, refusing to give up sandals when medically mandated to wear compression hose . . .

  5. I am such a dull person! The only wardrobe change I make is to switch from Levi’s 501s to LL Bean summer weight jeans. Deck shoes year round. Maybe switch from round neck tee to V-neck. So pathetic.

      1. <3 Oh yeah… I do remember New England winters! But when I go visit my aunts in Dorchester, Milton, Salem, and Billerica, I can't wear anything colorful without them covering their eyes and calling out, "Help! Hand me my sunglasses! Quick!" I once wore bright blue shoes to Thanksgiving at my Aunt Ann's in Milton. I am still hearing about it, 6 years later! Now they make fun of me, because I wear black. But I get the royal treatment when I do pastoral visits at the Carney. "Well, they think you're a nun, Reenie." [<– Don't ever call me that.]

      2. OMG, Reine, your comment about the blue shoes at Thanksgiving reminded me of my favorite aunt Veronica Lynch choosing not to buy a new, rose-colored raincoat because, if she wore it on the trip to Ireland, the relatives would always remember her as “the one with the pink raincoat.” Families are endlessly fascinating and powerful. LOL Wear those blue shoes, girl!!

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