Opening Lines

We continue to celebrate The Longest Yard Sale today. Write an opening line for the photograph below:

IMG_3496Jessie: I’ve got a real good deal for the discriminating taxidermist.

Barb: I’ll be right with you as soon as I tidy up.

Julie: What part of “No Early Birds Allowed” was unclear?

Sherry: That guy didn’t know a bargain when it hit him in the face.

Liz: He shouldn’t have tried to walk off with Grandma’s quilt.

Edith: I told him the shovel wasn’t for sale.

Readers: Add your opening line!

45 Thoughts

  1. For the last time, all items with the red dot are $1 each or 3 for $5.

  2. I flinched when I saw him; “helping with the yard sale won’t kill you” I had yelled at him last night as he packed for his pre-dawn departure to go fishing.

  3. He said helping with the yard sale would be the death of him. He just didn’t know it would be from all the complaining or that I would help.

  4. Well, he DID say that if I put his golf clubs out to sell that it would be over his dead body??

      1. My husband has said that before too, but he still has them (new ones every few years too) as I can’t part with him. 🙂

        Looking forward to getting The Longest Yard Sale and getting it read and reviewed, for sure.. Very familiar with the Brimfield Fair, etc. so the book had me hooked with just the title and knowing it was about “Massachusetts” Sherry. Did you live near Hanscom AF base when you lived here in MA? My daughter’s in laws are ex military and stay there a lot.

        Muck success with this series.
        Uxbridge, Ma..

      2. I’m glad you kept your husband — lol! If your daughter-in-laws read the books they should recognize the places I talk about. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Yard Sales! Not for the Faint at Heart!
    I am currently reading The Longest Yard Sale and loving it.

  6. I told that guy that if he wanted to test the appliances he’d have to do it at his own risk. I guess he’s not going to make an offer on that old electric fry pan after all!

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