Opening Lines

Write an opening line for the picture below:


Edith: Worst fourth of July of my life. Or maybe I should say of HIS life. His former life.

Jessie: While everyone except her lousy brother-in-law was at the parade, Mildred decided to use the time to tidy up around the house. She was delighted to discover the new brand of trash bags she’d bought on sale that week really did hold up to two hundred pounds of garbage.

Barb: It was a tough 4th of July at the Veteran’s Home.

Sherry: The last thing I said to him was, “Don’t use that big knife to open the ketchup.”

Liz: The party unexpectedly ended early. Unfortunately I also left my knife behind.

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26 Thoughts

  1. In 1776, blood was shed in the War of Independence. In 2015, blood was shed again, this time in Penelope’s personal war against her deadbeat husband.

  2. I’m known for my red velvet cake on the Fourth, with cream cheese frosting swirled with blue and blood red. How do I achieve the perfect crimson hue? Only my slashed fingertip knows.

  3. If you squinted enough, the blood on the knife looked like the frosting from a cake for a 4th of July party. The fact that the murder weapon was lying on a table with a festive center piece added to the illusion.

  4. In the end it wasn’t the lying or the bruises, not even the years of hiding her money in the vacuum cleaner bag that caused her to plunge her second best knife into his gut. It was the sight of his stubby hand stabbing a two for a dollar flag right through the leaf of the Gerber Daisy she’d grown from seed, that’s what did it.

  5. We have to go back to the beginning, back to the 4th of July, when he began bragging and gloating about his latest affair right to her face, and that’s when Gloria ended the subject with a sharp retort of her own.

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