Where Are the Wickeds, Fall edition?

It’s the start of the fall season, which is a busy one for the Wickeds. Here’s where we’ll be this month!



  • 13 September. Selling and signing at Pet Rock Festival, Leicester, MA.
  • 27 September. CrimeCONN, all-day mystery conference, panelist, Westport, CT.

2 Thoughts

  1. Edith – If I win the Florida Lotto tonight, I’m going to fly up to see you in Gloucester! I lived there for many years–one of my daughters and several grandkids still live there! And my good husband is from Boxford!

    1. Fun! We’d love to see you, Carol. I am excited about being the featured author in Boxford. It’s a luncheon and the chef is making one of my recipes. ;^)

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