Meet Sadie Hartwell

Hey, Wicked People, it’s Jane/Susannah, back from her little cabin in the North Woods and happy to be home and back at work and away from the mosquitoes.

Today I thought I’d introduce you to, well, me. Another me.

Meet Coco, Josie's cat
Meet Coco, Josie’s cat

Most of you know about my Greek to Me Mysteries, starting with Feta Attraction which released in January. The second book in that series, Olive and Let Die, releases November 3 and is available for preorder now (everybody knows how much preorders help an author, right? Right.).

But what I haven’t generally made known until today is that I have a new series debuting in November. On November 24, I will release Yarned and Dangerous, Book 1 of the Tangled Web Mysteries from Kensington. A new publisher means a new pen name. And do you love this cover or what?

I had SO much fun writing this book. My main character, Josie Blair, moved away from Dorset Falls, Connecticut, right after high school to pursue a career in fashion design. But when her crotchety great-uncle, Eben Lloyd, breaks his leg in a car accident, the same accident that killed Cora, his wife of a few months, Josie’s the only one available to care for him. While she’s there, she is tasked with closing up Cora’s yarn shop, even though she doesn’t know anything about knitting. But the day after she arrives, one of the shop’s regular customers ends up dead, lying on a pile of expensive cashmere yarn in the storeroom. Josie begins to investigate, and in the process learns a little about herself, and a lot about what she wants–and doesn’t want–for her life.

Sadie Hartwell Author PhotoHere’s what somebody we all know and love had to say about Yarned and Dangerous:

“A tale of murder and intrigue that will ensnare knitters and non-knitters alike. I couldn’t put it down.”—Barbara Ross, author of Musseled Out


Thanks, Barb!
Sadie’s website, Facebook, and Twitter will be live soon.
I hope you’ll join me–the Sadie Hartwell me–in November!

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  1. The new series sound terrific! Yarn and food are my favorite accessories in a cozy mystery. I guess you cover all the bases with your books!

    1. Thanks, Eileen! Honestly, although I love yarn and I love to knit and crochet, I never thought I’d be able to land a knitting mystery series of my own for a traditional publisher, because there are several successful ones out there. But the opportunity came up and I went for it. I’m so glad I did–I just love my main character and her supporting cast. 🙂

    1. Thanks! At this point, all my Greek books are turned in, so I’m really only writing one at a time. But this is where a comprehensive series bible comes in handy. When I turned this one in, I called my sleuth the name of my other sleuth, not once, but twice, and I never even noticed until the edits came back 🙂

    1. Thanks! The patterns in this book are quite simple. I’m not a pattern designer. But sometimes it’s fun to just knit and not have to work too hard. I’m putting together something fun for book 2. I can see it in my head–just need to knit it up and see what it looks like in real life!

    1. Thanks! This series is set in Connecticut, not New York State. But I’ll let you know that Uncle Eb, my heroine’s great-uncle, is based on my New York State farmer grandfather and his house/farm.

  2. Another new series from an author I read. Got to write this down so I don’t get confused more than usual and miss this new name.

  3. I do not understand who is who, but I am more than intrigued by the new series… I knit and crochet and if I found a corpse in my stash bin, everyone from here to your home would hear it… I will plan to read! Also, I will follow you … I am from New England and miss it SO much.

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