One Wicked Quiz

We confess we’re addicted to all those quizzes you see on Facebook so we are really excited to have our own! Which Wicked Cozy Protagonist Are You? Click the picture, (or click here), take the quiz, and tell us in the comments which protagonist you got.

Watch for our upcoming quizzes: Which Wicked Cozy Town Should You Live In? Which Wicked Job Should You Have? Which Romantic Interest Should You Be With? And more!

Have fun!

57 Thoughts

    1. Fun. I could definitely see you as Julia. Though I could also see you as Stan due to your love for your animals or as Sarah due to your ability to pick yourself up and move forward despite a blow.

      1. Dearest healing Barb and all Wickeds everywhere–I identify with someone in each book! After a day of reading, I actually don’t know who I am anymore!

  1. I got Sarah Winston! Though I pressed chocolate and upon reflection I think I should have pressed pastries…. So much fun – great job, Sherry!
    The Other Sherry/Shari

  2. I got Julia Snowden. However, I think it was cruel to make me choose between chocolate (which I did) and lobster as my favourite food.

    1. A “few” years ago I would have been Cam, as I planted as many different varieties of fruit trees as I could on our little ranch in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas. 🙂

      1. Although… I must confess I was always bemoaning the lack of a little more altitude for trees that might produce maple syrup. Soooo… <3

  3. I got Dani Greene! I think Dani’s life would be fun, but I don’t know if I could take the winters!

    1. You could if you love to read. There is nothing like staying inside with a hot drink and a good book while listening to the wind howling and the snow falling outside.

  4. I got Julia as well, which is funny since I hate seafood. I chose pizza as my favorite food, although I was tempted by the maple syrup.

  5. Ruth Clagan in the Clock Shop mystery series by Julianne Holmes! Now I have a new series I have to read. This is the coolest promotional tool I’ve seen in ages!!

  6. I am Dani Greene. Love those books. When will there be more?
    Sadly my favorite beverage of cola/root beer was not an option.

  7. i got Julia Snowden TOO! I do like to be in command of your life and business but don’t most people?. When life hands you lemons, you build a lemonade stand or at least I make lemonade!!. I have loved the books in the Maine Clambake mystery series by Barbara Ross and actually feel HONORED to be like Julia. Thanks for the fun quiz..


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