A Gala Event Book Birthday

Today, due to an embarrassment of riches, we’re celebrating a Wicked Book Birthday a few days early. Congratulations to Wicked Cozy Accomplice Sheila Connolly whose gala-event-200ninth Orchard mystery, A Gala Event, releases on Tuesday! Can’t wait to read this installment. Here’s the blurb from her web site:

“The fall harvest may be just about over, but orchard owner Meg Corey is busier than ever planning her wedding to Seth Chapin. Who knew picking apples would be less work than picking out rings and a dress? And even though the happy couple has invited most of Granford, Massachusetts, to the ceremony, they might have to make room for one more guest…

Ex-con Aaron Eastman has unexpectedly reappeared in his hometown, searching for answers to the tragic fire in his family’s past that put him behind bars twenty-five years ago. Moved by his sincerity, Meg vows to do everything she can to help him solve the cold case. As she cobbles together the clues, it becomes increasingly clear that Aaron may have been considered the bad seed of the family, but someone else was one bad apple…”

Liz: Congrats, Sheila! Sounds fun as usual! Thanks for keeping my TBR pile large and looming…

Sherry: Wow! Ninth in the series! What an accomplishment and boy do I love weddings so I can’t wait to read this. I’m not sure how you do it — I just finished the fabulous Privy to the Dead — but keep them coming.

Barb: Ninth! How did this happen? I’ve fallen behind. Off to order A Gala Event right now. Congratulations, Sheila!

Julie: I hear it is going to be a bumper crop for apples this year. May the same be said for book sales about apple orchards! Congratulations Sheila!!

Edith: So exciting. And a wedding, to boot! I’ve loved this series since the start.

Jessie: I’ll bet this title is the pick of the crop, Sheila! Congratulations, once again!

Congratulations, Sheila! You inspire all of us.

Readers: Any questions for Sheila about apples, long-running series, or how it’s going to be having a married sleuth?

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  1. Wow, book #9! Can’t wait to continue to story line of this wonderful series. And the cover is a huge breath of fresh air, it was 95 here yesterday.

    1. es, the wedding is in December (actually I gave them my grandmother’s birthday), but the weather doesn’t interfere. It’s hard to find time for a big event when you’re working all the time!

  2. By the way, the alpacas happened because I went to a harvest festival in the real town, Granby, and got to talking with a woman who had retired to the town and bought a rundown property because she wanted to raise alpacas. Her former job? IRS agent. Go figure. So it was easy to picture crumbling fences and wandering alpacas.

  3. Sheila, nine books in a series is an incredible achievement! And when your Irish mystery series and and your Museum mystery series are added to the mix, I don’t know how you do it. How do you keep all your characters and plot lines straight? Oh, wait. I finally get it. You don’t sleep. Is that your secret?? Sure hope Suspense Magazine got an arc. Cheers!

    1. Susan, sometimes I wonder. But there are reasons why my protagonists are of different ages and backgrounds, and live in very distinct places–it helps. And sleep is overrated.

  4. Congratulations Sheila on your night Orchard book. Looking forward to reading this. I love story weddings.

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