An Author is Born!

Pictures from launch party for Just Killing TimeWell, it finally happened. I’m a published author. It’s been two whole days. After over twenty years of dreaming of this day.

I had a wonderful launch party at the New England Mobile Book Fair, and am in Raleigh at Bouchercon continuing to help Julianne Holmes arrival in the publishing world be a successful one. I’m still pinching myself. This has been a dream of mine for a very long time. But you know what’s interesting? Dreams coming true are actually a bag full of complicated emotions, and a lot of introspection. I’ve been thinking a lot about my path to publication, about how I got from there to here.

Writing is solitary, but getting published is a community effort. If I hadn’t joined Sisters in Crime20151006_182616, I never would have met my tribe. I wouldn’t have met the mentors in my life, including Hallie Ephron, Kate Flora, and Hank Phillippi Ryan. I wouldn’t have gotten the email from Sheila Connolly, opening up an opportunity to pitch a cozy series to an agent. I wouldn’t have sat next to him at Crime Bake because Edith Maxwell told me I was going to sit next to him and talk. My series proposals didn’t sell, but if he hadn’t met me, when Barb Ross suggested me for a project, he may have moved on to another writer. If I hadn’t gone to every Crime Bake but the first one, I wouldn’t have become friends with Barbara Ross. All of these moments, and dozens of others, forged my path.

DSC_0070SigningI am lucky, when you define luck as preparation meeting opportunity. Luck is hard work, and it doesn’t always work out the way you expect it to. I realize that there are a lot of people who work hard, and never have this moment in their lives. I am truly, truly blessCAKE KILLER ed.

I’ve mentioned Barbara Ross and Edith Maxwell. Let me mention three more names. Liz Mugavero, who also has a crazy day job, but has shown me that writing a series can be done while maintaining a career. The wonderful Sherry Harris, who I met at Malice right before she moved to New England, and who joined Sisters in Crime once she moved here. Jessie Crockett, the powerhouse in New Hampshire who some how knows exactly the moment I need a “how’s it going, how can I help” email. We not only blog together, but we check in, support, and care about one another. These friendships, and this blog, are great gifts of this journey.

I have made a career working in the arts. I am grateful that I have my theater experiences to help me understand the fluidity of all of this. I have seen friends realize their dream of being on Broadway, and then the show closes, and they move on to the next gig. They are grateful for that moment, but they have to keep hustling to stay on the ride. Working in the arts is hard work. But it makes life Technicolor.

JUST KILLING TIME is book one of the clock shop series. I can’t wait for you to meet Ruth Clagan, the Reed family, Ben the handsome barber next door, Ruth’s step grandmother Caroline, and Chief Paisley. I also can’t wait for you to visit Orchard, where every store looks different, and crime lurks just around the corner. This paperback book represents a lot of work, and a lifetime of dreams finally coming true.

Thank you all, dear readers, for your support for me during this journey. What a great group you all are. Hopefully we can meet in person at some point. If not, you’re another reason I am so grateful for this blog.

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  1. Congratulations! I got your book in my Bouchercon book bag. I’m looking forward to reading it.

  2. Your luck sounds a lot like networking. That’s important in any business, writing being another example. But I love hearing how all those little things came together for something so special and worth celebrating today.

    Congrats again on the hard work accomplished and fulfilling your dream.

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