Crime Bake On a Stick 2015

We have so much fun with our “Stick With The Wickeds” contests. This year’s winner was Mark Baker. Mark is an avid reader and reviewer of cozy mysteries and has a wonderful blog Carstairs Considers! So here are some pictures of Mark’s adventures.

Mark takes in the view from his hotel room. IMG_6071He spots Wickeds Liz Mugavero, Kim Gray, and Julie Hennrikus and stops to pose for a picture. IMG_6073Donna Andrews jokes around with Mark. IMG_6075Whoa, is that Dorothy Cannell? Mark rushes over for a photo op. IMG_6077Shawn Reilly Simmons, one of the new Level Best editors, stops to pose with Mark. IMG_6080Mark heads to a panel. IMG_6104After the panel Mark runs into Jungle Red Writers, Hallie Ephron, Hank Phillippi Ryan, and Lucy Burdette.IMG_6108IMG_6103IMG_6120








Authors Marni Graff and Leslie Budewitz greet Mark.IMG_6092

Mark meets debut authors Sherry Harris, Cheryl Hollon, and Michelle Dorsey.IMG_6141IMG_6137IMG_6101







Mark takes a quick water break before heading back out to meet more people. IMG_6099Mark is happy to run into Wickeds Barbara Ross and Sheila Connolly.IMG_6096IMG_6087








Mark rushes over to meet author Kate Flora. IMG_6131Then he spots author Peter Abrahams aka Spencer Quinn. (Let us say Peter was a bit startled by the fan on the stick but gamely posed for a picture, followed by a lovely conversation!) IMG_6109

Mark takes in another panel.


After the panel Mark finds lots of people hanging out — first he runs into Wickeds Jessie Crockett and Liz Mugavero. IMG_6127Jessie and Liz are joined by G.M. Malliett, Edith Maxwell, and Ruth McCarty.

IMG_6139Soon Mark finds himself in a large group of writers and readers. IMG_6154

Mark goes to the new author panel.IMG_6133

It’s time for the banquet. Mark spots Toni L.P. Kelner with her husband Stephan Kelner and, of course, Sid.IMG_6156Next he finds Phryne Fisher (Edith Maxwell) and Hercule Poirot (Cheryl Hollon).IMG_6169After the banquet Mark poses for a picture with the Wickeds.IMG_6204After a wonderful time at Crime Bake, Mark needs a bit of rest. IMG_6221The next morning before heading back to Southern California Mark goes to Starbucks and meets Lily. IMG_6234IMG_6238


Readers: Do you have a favorite author fan (pun intended) moment? Is there an author you hope to meet some day?

21 Thoughts

  1. You’ all are so silly. I didn’t recognize Mark, but I recognized Sherry Harris’s dog right away. Who could forget that adorable side kick?

  2. Mark, it looks like you met a lot of terrific people. I hope you had a great time. I enjoyed seeing all of your adventures. Maybe one of these years you’ll actually be able to attend.

  3. I am sitting here with a huge smile on my face. Thanks so much for taking me along. I hope I was a great traveling companion.

    But it was no wonder I was so tired on Monday. Yikes! I did so much.

    1. LOL. You were rocking that conf, Mark! We were careful – I hope you noticed – not to ply you with liquor, though. We knew you wanted to absorb every minute. ;^)

    2. You were a first-rate travel companion. You never complained about the food or the accommodations. You were always up for meeting new people and you were extremely photogenic. Thanks for coming along!

    3. You were a great travel companion and didn’t complain once! Thanks for going with us! I had a lovely conversation with Peter Abrahams that I wouldn’t have ever had if it wasn’t for you.

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