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I wrote a post before the horrible, brutal attacks in Paris and Lebanon. As the world is still stunned by the senseless killing of innocent people, it makes us, as writers of mysteries, think again about what we do and why. We write and read cozies because, at day’s end, these stories restore the world to right, justice is served, and people are safe. Je Suis Paris.

Instead of the post I wrote I’m sharing photos I’ve taken over the years. I hope you enjoy them and are reminded that there is much beauty in the world. Readers: I’d love to hear about a place that makes you happy.

The hydrangeas in my yard.


Jacksonville Beach, Florida



St. ThomasIMG_0291


Jefferson MemorialIMG_1935




Bedford Farms, Bedford MassachusettsIMG_4234


Notre DameIMG_3056


Fall, Northern VirginiaIMG_5999


Rockport, Massachusettssorority reunion 052


St. MartinIMG_0171




Town common, Bedford, MassachusettsIMG_4157


Jacksonville Beach, FLIMG_2265


Spring in my neighborhoodIMG_2023


The Old North Bridge, Concord, MAIMG_3756


Monterey, CaliforniaIMG_4160


Rockport, Massachusetts IMG_2952_2


Sea glass Monterey, CaliforniaIMG_4382_2


Dayton, Ohiome&chris

Monterey, California

IMG_4453_2And finally a photo by photographer Meg Manion Silliker.


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  1. Beautiful photos,. Sherry. I know many of those places, well. Thank you.

    I love writing. Nothing quite as healing as writing.

  2. Very much beauty in each of those photographs, Sherry. Thank you.

    For me, the beach makes me happy. Almost any beach I’ve ever been on. The sound, the smell, the texture, the sight of endless waves. Other than that, gazing at my now-adult sons’ faces. I never get enough!

  3. Lovely pix…but I’ll take Kimball’s over Bedford Farms 🙂 and St. John over St. Thomas.

  4. Ireland, of course. The first time I saw it, it felt like coming home. (Oddly enough, I was speaking with a writer friend recently who said almost exactly the same thing.) It’s quiet and peaceful, and few people kill anyone. After that, New England, almost any part of it. Or any place where the sense of history is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

  5. Lovely photos, Sherry. My place is the beach. Nothing better than spending all day on the sand, and all night in a comfy hotel with an oceanside view, sleeping to the sound of waves breaking.

  6. Lovely pictures, Sherry. Thank you for the reminder to look for Peace and Beauty when the world is going crazy. You know I love the beach. We were there this past weekend and each time I looked out the window I was rewarded with a display of migrating dolphins leaping and playing in the surf. But I’m grateful for my life in Virginia, too. Here, the multi-colored leaves are still falling while parents usher their giggling children onto school buses. Inside, I just lit a fire and I’m brewing a pot of favorite tea to sip while I work. But before I begin my work, I’ll pause to pray for the restoration of Love and Peace and Beauty in Paris.

  7. Sherry, thank you so much for posting this today. It was exactly the right way for me to start my day. I have an author talk scheduled tonight and had no idea how I was going to talk about my mysteries after the horrific events in Paris. But you have set me on the right path! BTW, please be sure your publisher sends your arcs to Suspense Magazine. I’d love a chance to read and review your books.


    1. I’m glad it helped, Susan! I’m sure you will find just the right thing to say tonight. And I’ll absolutely make sure you get copies of my books — thanks so much!

  8. Thank you for this wonderful reminder of the beauty in the world, Sherry. Anne Lamott says “Grace bats last” and these photos are filled with grace.
    Places that make me happy – so many! The beach, any beach; Venice, where you can disappear into the past; any hiking trail, especially in a New England fall; and I’ll confess,
    museum gift shops (art plus shopping!)

  9. Sherry, you have quite an eye for photography. Beautiful photos. Thank you for posting them.

  10. Key West in winter, my front porch in Maine in summer. The Berkshires in the fall. The countryside in southeastern PA and Maryland in the spring.

  11. Dear Sherry, These are absolutely beautiful and so welcome today. Thank you, Gail Balentine

  12. Wow, you are an excellent photographer!

    A place that makes me happy is a redwood forest, especially the forest where I grew up camping, but any work well for me. They are so quiet and peaceful with all those trees surrounding you. There is nothing like it, and unfortunately, you can’t really capture that in a photo. I’ve certainly tried.

  13. I really enjoyed my trip to Romania a couple of months ago, especially the country house we stayed in. It was so quiet and peaceful there! And I really loved visiting Bar Harbor, Maine in June. Two places I really would like to go back to again.

    1. That sounds like an amazing trip, Elaine. We have friends in Romania who want us to come visit and I hope to some day soon. I’ve never been to Bar Harbor but I do love Maine!

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