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Hello, Wicked People! Susannah/Sadie here, celebrating a release month with author Karoline Barrett. Let’s give her a Wicked Welcome!

 Act Like You’ve Been Here Before

A big thank-you to Susannah Hardy for inviting me to guest blog here on Wicked Cozy authors! I’m honored to be here since it’s one of my favorite blogs.

Bun for Your LifeLike so many writers, I’ve always been a reader, and in the back of my mind was the vague notion that someday I’d write a book myself. That “someday” didn’t happen until later in life. I’m not telling you exactly how much later, but as the saying goes, better late than never.

Bun for Your Life is my first cozy mystery and the first book in my Bread & Batter series. While it’s not my first published book, it’s the first one for which I signed a contract with a major publisher. You’d think I’d be thrilled to death about that. And, you’d be right, I definitely am! However, while I’m an optimistic, cheerful, and upbeat person most of the time, I began to be besieged with insecurity, especially as my Facebook world grew, and I connected with other cozy mystery authors who not only had multiple books out, but multiple series out, and wrote under more than one name.

As I set up a virtual book tour, participated in Facebook author events, arranged to do interviews and guest blogs I kept wondering, do I belong here? Am I a good enough writer? Are my books good enough? Do they have engaging plots? Enough mystery? Characters readers will fall in love with? Will the town I built make readers want to move right in and settle there? Am I as good as author so-and-so who has ten books out there? Blah, blah, blah went my inner voice.

Amidst all my angst, I remembered something my youngest son’s high school football coach said to him about sportsmanship, and winning games and championships: Act like you’ve been here before.

I thought about that and I decided it applied to me. What difference did it make that so far I only have two books coming out, one series, and one name under which I write? Does anyone really care? Apparently readers don’t. And so far, no blogger or book reviewer has said to me, “Um, wait. You only have two books coming out? Only one series? And you only write under one name? (insert maniacal laughter) Don’t think so.”

So, my insecurity was for naught. Every single author I’ve connected with on Facebook, and some in “real life” have been so incredibly supportive. Three well-known authors read Bun for Your Life and did blurbs for it—awesomely nice blurbs. Everyone who has hosted me on a Facebook event, or signed me up to guest blog, has been incredibly supportive as well. I’m pretty sure I’m treated the same as a well-established author with a bazillion books out there. I’ve made a lot of reader friends on Facebook, and my Facebook author page has gotten a lot of “likes.” Readers have pre-ordered my book, woo hoo!

KB pictureI hope to have many more books out and maybe another series, I’ve even picked out another name in case I need one, but for right now, I’ve pushed my insecurity aside and am enjoying the ride! I’ll close with this quote, which I love because it makes me feel better. I always think the insecurity is going to go away, but it’s always there. Only bad writers think they’re good. ~Harlan Coben

Good luck, Karoline! Here’s where you can connect with her:




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  1. Those are two great quotes, Karoline. I know we all have those feelings, no matter how many books, how many names. Welcome to the blog, and best of luck with the series!

  2. Thank you Edith, that’s good to know! I had a major headache all day and just could not do it, Susannah! I’m sorry I missed the class. Saw the pictures though, and it looked very realistic! Maybe he’ll have an Advanced, advanced, class. He was very good!!

  3. It sounds like you have the same worries as all the rest of us, Karoline! Isn’t it nice to share the journey? I love the advice from your son’s football coach; thanks so much for sharing it with us!

  4. Hi Karoline–
    Welcome to the Wicked Cozys!

    Here’s a quote from Carl Hiaasen that may make you feel better. “Every good writer I’ve ever know has suffered from the same insecurities. It’s thinking you’re not good enough that makes you better.”

  5. Karoline, congrats on your novel!

    Can I share something from a reader that will help? I love finding a new author at the start of their career that I just love. It’s great to watch their career grow. Plus there aren’t all those back books to go out and read.

    Plus, with all the books coming out, it’s almost impossible to keep up at times. Only having one name and series can actually be an advantage in getting people to take a chance on you.

    (Not that I don’t start authors with long backlists and multiple series. And I love it when my favorites come out with a new book no matter who recently the last one did. It’s just all a balancing act of how much and when I can add to my TBR pile.)

  6. Welcome, Karoline! Loved your post. Insecurity is something I battle with all the time, and I love your phrase “Act like you’ve been here before.” I’ve also adopted something a colleague of mine once told me, “Make yourself big.” You’re here and you’ve earned it! Congrats on your series!

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