Opening Lines

Write an opening line for the photo below:

IMG_6207Sherry: I thought the breakfast buffet menu said Ham and Eggs, not Hand and Eggs.

Julie: I asked him to lend me a hand. Yeesh. Hate to see what happens if I tell him to blow it out his ear.

Edith: When I hired a handyman I found on Craigslist, this was not what I expected.

Jessie: Suddenly Polly understood her husband’s uncharacteristic offer to have her brother over for dinner.

Barb: It wasn’t until I went off to the Hanson Preparatory School for Gifted Zombies, Vampires, and Werewolves that I finally had a good meal.

Liz: The only thing worse than finding the hand in the silverware drawer was finding the rest of the body in my brand new dining room.

Readers: Add yours!

25 Thoughts

  1. “The Halloween decorations are getting more and more elaborate every year,” she said.
    “I don’t think that’s a decoration,” I replied.

    (Really, I don’t think I could top any of the others that have been submitted it I had the time to try, and I’m running late for work. Too many great lines to highlight any of them today.)


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