Wicked Wednesday: Gifts for the Readers in Your Life

Well, Wickeds, the season is upon us. So do tell, aside from books by the Wickeds and accomplices, what are you planning to give the readers in your life? Any hot recommendations for our readers?TheSugarMountainSnowBallCover

Edith: I’m giving my nine-year-old bestie The Sugar Mountain Snow Ball by Elizabeth Atkinson, her latest middle-grade novel. It’s such a good read for any age. I just finished reading William Kent Kruger’s Ordinary Grace and plan to figure out who to give a copy to. Lyrical writing and deep storytelling about tragedy and mystery in small-town Minnesota in the summer of 1961 – as told by a 13 year old boy. Another recommendation is Chance Harbor by Holly Robinson – an intriguing novel of family with some mystery on the side and a stunning Prince Edward Island setting.

Liz: I have copies of Maddie Day’s Flipped for Murder and Cheryl Hollon’s Pane and Suffering for one of the readers in my life – loved both of them! I also would recommend Tana French’s latest, The Secret Placean amazing murder mystery that really digs into the power of high school friendships.

Barb: I just finished Elizabeth George’s A Banquet of Consequences, and I LOVED it. One of her best. I highly recommend it for the mystery lover in your life.

Jessie: My suggestion is a recipe book instead of a mystery but I had to share it: Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist by Tim Federle. It is such fun and is beautifully illustrated too!

Sherry: Since some of the readers in my life read our blog everyday I’ll mention a couple of books I enjoyed reading recently. Dear Daughter by Elizabeth Little is one heck of a book and has a protagonist that isn’t very likable. Another is Invisible City by Julia Dahl. And last but not least Past Crimes by Glen Erik Hamilton. None of them are cozy but all are well written.

MWA CookbookJulie: Barb, so glad to hear this review–the book is on the docket for Christmas week. Jessie, I’ve heard about that book–will add it to my gift list. Love all of these suggestions. Books are always such a great gift! I’m also going to point out some other fun gifts for readers, like booklights, bookmarks, book plates, and book bags. Also, a library card is a great gift for a young reader. I also found a couple of adult coloring books based on books–Secret Garden (OK, not based on the book, but still fun and a great combo gift), Harry Potter, and Tolkien’s novels. Also, a great book for the reader in your life–the MWA Cookbook! Barb and Edith are both in it–as are many other mystery authors and friends of this blog.

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  1. Sadly, I don’t have very many readers on my gift giving list. But my aunt is a huge reader, and I’ve gotten her hooked on Rhys Bowen and Sue Ann Jaffarian, so she will be getting the latest from them. And I’m perfectly okay posting that here because she knows what she is getting and is excited about it. If I were to ever do something else without warning, I think she’d be disappointed.

  2. In our family for Christmas, we draw one name and get that person one very nice gift of $50-$60. We have arranged it so that one other family member will contact another family member to get his or her wish list. That way we don’t know who is asking or if it is even the person asking us to keep it a little bit of a surprise. So, for my gifts, I put the Mystery Writer’s cook book on my list, along with the suggestion of a gift certificate to Amazon for books or to Barnes and Nobel or one of our local independent bookstores. I also added a couple of other little small things that might make it easy for someone but I really hope to get books or a gift card or certificate to buy books later on. Yes, I am addicted to reading and my name is Cynthia 🙂

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