Wicked Wednesday — Creative Outlets

We obviously all love to write but is there any other way you express your creative self? Any hobbies you had in the past but gave up? Anything you’ve wanted to try but never found the time?

Liz: I love to color. Always have. As I got older, every now and then I’d buy one and FullSizeRenderpretend it wasn’t for me. Then I’d lock myself away for a good coloring session. Now that adult coloring books are all the rage, I don’t have to hide my habit anymore! I got a “Mindfulness” coloring book for Christmas, along with an awesome giant Christmas coloring and activity book. I colored a Christmas picture, and Finny thought I did a pretty good job.

Cheryl Hollon and Edith, as Poirot and Miss Fisher

Edith: I have always wanted to do community theater. I can be a little bit of a ham (cf. past Crime Bake banquets – yes, girls?), love costumes, and think acting on a local level would be great fun. I pictured doing theater in my retirement. But since retirement is nowhere in sight, I guess I’m putting that off. I also love sewing, and I do manage to sneak some of that in now and then. And of course I always have an organic vegetable garden in season. For the record, I secretly think the adult coloring thing is kind of ridiculous – but I’m glad it makes others happy, Liz and Julie!

Before- Back garden in Old Orchard Beach.
After- Back garden in Old Orchard Beach.

Jessie: I’ve mentioned many times how much I love to knit. It is probably my most reached for creative outlet besides writing but I do have a couple of others. I love to throw parties with themes. I plan everything to the theme from the inviations to the food. And I also love home and garden renovations. I love to take a house or a garden and change it from a before to an after.

Barb: I’ve mentioned that I’m a scrapbooker. I’ve been doing it less since I’ve had writing deadlines, because, honestly, I don’t need to spend more time sitting on my &*% telling stories. The elusive hobby that’s always out there for me, but I never commit to, is genealogy. I’m curious. I keep trying to fob it off on various cousins and second cousins, but no one is biting. I have a feeling it’s going to be me.


Sherry: I love photography! It seems to me that lots of writers like to take photos. I won an award years ago for a photo I took at sunset in Destin, Florida. It won an honorable mention in a nationwide contest sponsored by Strategic Air Command, so I always jokingly say that I’m an award winning photographer. The picture to the right is one of my favorites from this year. I took it at our friends’ ranch in California.

Julie: I love to color too. In fact, I gave all the adults in my life coloring books for Christmas. I also knit, used to cross stitch more than I do now. Honestly, my biggest creative outlet is enjoying the creativity of others these days. Enjoying a play or concert, going to a gallery or museum, perusing a craft fair. I am thinking about going to a Paint Nite with some friends soon. Who knows, maybe I’m a painter?

Readers: Do you have a favorite creative outlet?

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  1. I am fascinated by the adult coloring book craze–every time I go to Barnes and Noble or Michael’s craft store, I think about picking one up. But I know I would obsess over filling in all those little sections perfectly 🙂 I fear for me it would be less relaxing than advertised. But I might try it! I also knit, crochet and sew, and have a big box full of beads and beading supplies. I never got to be a good beader, and though I love to wear beaded stuff, the beads never really called to me the way yarn and fabric do. I also do genealogy, though my records are haphazard and messy–organizing that is a project for this year. Gardening–I wish. I have a vision of what I want my landscaping to look like, but the reality escapes me. But I have a talented friend who’s offered to help. I’m a terrible photographer, Sherry, but I love to look at other people’s pix.

    1. Oh, thank you, Kate! I wish people could put there photos in the comments like you can on Facebook!As I said — I think there’s lots of writers who love photography. That’s based on my very unscientific observations of Facebook friends!

  2. I’d have to say genealogy (although that was also a job in the past, but it’s always been an obsession). When I need a break from writing fiction, I decide which family line needs work and dig into Ancestry and other sources (including primary/original sources). It’s a methodical pursuit, but it also feeds into mystery writing, since you have to identify clues and fit them together to make a coherent story.

    1. I’ve been lucky that other family members, long before Ancestry.com, put together records. On my paternal grandmother’s side back to the 1500s in England. We don’t know much about my mother’s side. And like Barb I’m a bit afraid to dive in!

      1. My great-grandmother started it for my mother’s side of the family, and it’s not done yet (not even back to England in a lot of cases), so that should tell you something. That doesn’t even include the Irish side, which I started in the late 1990s. Beware!

    1. I just make up reasons, Laura. Several years ago I decided to start throwing Winter Doldrums parties because, well, winter… The themes have ranged from Asian New Year to Monte Carlo. Once I booked dance lessons with a local instructor for the group and then after we were all fox-trotted out we all headed back to the house for champagne and desserts. Great fun for no reason other than getting through the winter in New Engand is a rough ride without things to look forward to!

      1. I LOVE hosting parties – just starting to think about a fun party to break up the cold winter months as well. You’ve given me a few more ideas to consider!

      2. I once attended a Winter Doldrum party with a beach theme. A wall-sized poster of the ocean. The heat jacked up to 90. Everybody in light summer clothes or even bathing suits. Margaritas and pina coladas. They even brought in some sand on a tarp in front of the poster. SO much fun!

      1. I’d be happy to help any time Barb and Sherry! Just get in touch and I will appear, hemorrhaging ideas, drawing up timelines and putting labeled sticky notes in all your serving dishes.

  3. I have to say that I love coloring and always have. I am not a fan of “adult” coloring books;there are too many thick black lines. I love Barbie coloring books! There, I’ve said it. I want to color clothes. My daughter bought me a book for Christmas filled with Disney princesses. I love it! When I am stuck at a point while writing I color a bit to think. That and knitting…oh, and cooking!

    1. I don’t know who you are, but I love coloring clothes too! Always have.

  4. I had to laugh, Barb and Kim, because I did the same thing. The closest I come now is shopping for clothes online and pinning them to Pinterest boards.
    Creative outlet? My outlet is dancing, but I don’t see that as creative. Just fun!

    1. Dancing can be very creative. See, that’s why I don’t think coloring is creative. Why not just draw your own picture and color that! Okay, I’ll shut up now. ;^)

      1. I think coloring is a lot like following a recipe instead of inventing a dish from scratch. There’s a guideliine there but what brings it to life is the individual touch the cook or the color-wielder brings to the experience. It also is a reliable way to unleash flow for many people through its focus and mindfulness.

  5. Does appreciating other’s art count? Although I must admit to being tempted to get an adult coloring book. I always loved to color, and so they appeal to me. But I’d also need something to color with, and then the stuff would sit around never being used and I have more than enough clutter in my place as it is.

    In fact, I need to start getting creative with all the stuff I have around here. Mainly that involves throwing things out, but maybe I can do it in a creative way.

    1. I hope appreciating other’s art counts! I love looking at paintings, photos, and reading other writers! Maybe Sarah should come help you with your sorting — oh, wait, she’s imaginary. Good luck!

      1. I definitely appreciate other’s art. I’m just not that good at creating my own.

        And I would love it for Sarah to come help me sort things out. As long as I didn’t become the latest corpse she finds.

  6. Knitting — I’ve given away many baby hats and several water bottle holders . . . didn’t keep track of how many. Storytelling, of course. Sewing — not big projects, but fixing or creating things I need; when I first developed the latex allergy, I had to make undergarments and swimwear (thank goodness I had my mother to advise me). Now Decent Exposures https://decentexposures.com makes latex-free garments, saving me much time and aggravation (and doing a better job) and leaving me more time for my favorite: reading!

    1. Good thing you don’t have to sew your own undergarments any more! And glad you have more time for reading.

      Storytelling is such a talent. Would love to see you perform.

      1. I would love that, too, and then a visit before and/or afterward. I would gladly trade CDs for books . . . or even send without a trade involved. 😉

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