Welcome Author T.C. LoTempio!

Susannah here. Please give a Wicked Welcome to T.C. LoTempio, author of the Nick and Nora Mysteries! 

 Untitled-5Tell us about your series and your latest book, CLAWS FOR ALARM.


The Nick and Nora mysteries follow the adventures of ex-crime reporter Nora Charles, who’s moved back to her hometown of Cruz, California from Chicago to take over her late mother’s sandwich shop.  She becomes the “human” of Nick, a tubby tuxedo cat who was formerly owned by a PI who’s currently MIA under mysterious circumstances.  Together the two of them get involved in some pretty mysterious happenings!

In CLAWS FOR ALARM, the second Nick and  Nora mystery, Nora’s investigation into the disappearance of Nick the cat’s former owner takes a backseat when her sister is accused of the murder of her art professor.  As Nora delves into his past she learns that there’s a plethora of suspects: a trophy wife, a spoiled son, a scorned student mistress.  Also complicating her investigation is the appearance of someone from her past – male, of course!

Susannah: What actor would make the best Nora Charles?

I’ve given this a lot of thought, LOL, and I can see Emma Stone as Nora, definitely!  I’d have to think about who’d play Nick, though – I’m sure my cat ROCCO would want to audition for the role!

Meow%20cover%20high%20res[1]Do you have any quirks?

Doesn’t every writer????

Ooh, Toni, you’re mysterious, aren’t you? Who’s your favorite mystery writer of all time? 


It’s impossible to pick just one, there are so many. I love the Laura Childs series, all three of them, and Rita Mae Brown’s Mrs. Murphy is a favorite as well.  But I guess, if I had to choose – it would be Erle Stanley Gardner.  I’ve always loved Perry Mason.

Favorite book (not necessarily a mystery) of all time?

Ah, without a doubt – it’s a tie: Gone with the Wind and The Thorn Birds.

Excellent choices! Who is your most-loved book boyfriend?

OMG – Ned Nickerson, of course!

HPIM0751[1]What is your writing process like? Early bird or night owl? Pantser or Plotter? Do you require special drinks or snacks?

Well, I work a day job so usually I try to get in an hour or two after work, if I’m not too tired.  Otherwise, it’s four hours on Saturday and five on Sunday.  NO snacks, but I do like to listen to music.  Right now my favorites are the soundtrack from Smash and the Phantom of the Opera. Pantser or Plotter?  A bit of both, but heavy on the Pantser.

Best writing advice you ever heard or read?

The best advice I ever got was my ex-supervisor telling me to stop writing about vampires and start writing about my cat. The second best advice I ever got was when Penguin wanted changes in the original manuscript of the first book, MEOW IF ITS MURDER, and I was hesitant about it (in the original, Nick the cat talked – Berkley didn’t like that).  Carole Nelson Douglas, who writes the Midnight Louie series, told me to “suck it in and do the changes.”

It's good to be the King!
It’s good to be the King!

Who is ROCCO? Why is his name always in caps? Do you have any other pets?

ROCCO is my tuxedo cat, the inspiration for Nick Charles, the writer of his blog, www.catsbooksmorecats.blogspot.com, and a reviewer of cozies for Night Owl.  He’s a twenty-plus-pound tuxedo with “cattitude” and he wouldn’t spell his name any other way than with caps, because he feels he’s larger than life.  I say he’s just large, LOL.  Yes, I do have two other cats, a gold and white named Maxx and a gray and white named Gata.  But ROCCO is the undisputed “King” of our household – or at least he thinks he is.

Toni and Rocco
I believe I may have just the queen for ROCCO–my tuxedo cat, Elvira. Not that there could be any offspring produced, but they would look nice together! What’s next for you? 

Well, right now we are waiting to hear if Berkley wants more Nick and Noras.  (I sincerely hope so)  I’ve also finished the first two books in another series that my agent is shopping around right now.

We hope so too, Toni! And trust me when I say the Wickeds know the feeling, LOL! Thanks so much for being here!

Readers: Questions for Toni? Ask away.

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  1. I don’t have a tuxedo cat but Stella (my protagonist Sarah’s landlady and friend) does. I didn’t even realized they were called tuxedo cats when I named him Tux. Tux is based on a feral cat that my neighbors rescued when we live in Massachusetts.

  2. Super interview… I’d like to add that Toni is a special person, too. Back in early Nivember she highlighted another author on her blog, and I was lucky to win a book. However, that author dropped the ball. Over the next two months, Toni never gave up doing everything she could to fulfill the prize. I greatly appreciated her efforts. Her book? I love this series!

  3. Thanks forall the nice comments,guys! Sorry Imissed the actual interview on the 28th, but I came down with that stomach virus that’s been going around. Better now, though. 🙂

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