Sock It To You

Jessie, Julie, Sherry and Sheila all attended the Adapting to Hollywood conference sponsored by Sisters in Crime in Los Angeles last weekend. We had a little free time in the evening and came across a store called The Los Angeles Sock Market. It’s slogan is World’s Greatest Sock Store and let us tell you — we all (Nancy Coco and Leslie Budewitz were with us too) agreed. We loved Susannah’s post about what she’d buy us at a flea market we decided to do the same thing with socks!

For Jessie’s new Change of Fortune series:

Tarot card socks
Tarot card socks
And since the series is set in Old Orchard Beach, Maine -- seagulls and pier fries!
And since the series is set in Old Orchard Beach, Maine — seagulls and pier fries!










For Sherry since Sarah Winston loves pizza:










Julie had to have clock and clock part socks:










In Edith’s Country Store Mysteries Robbie is not only a cook but a carpenter:

IMG_8401IMG_8408 2









Liz, we found you a bunch of cat socks:

IMG_8394Barbara of course it was lobster socks:










We choose Irish socks for Sheila:










Kim we found you crab socks for Baltimore:









And Susannah we found you olive socks for Olive and Let Die:










It was hard to leave these Wicked socks behind!

IMG_8368Readers we couldn’t leave you out so we are giving away these fabulous socks to one commenter! IMG_8540


70 Thoughts

  1. I knit socks while I read cozies, but mine are not nearly as great as these and I NEVER HAVE ANY LEFT FOR ME, So I would love to have these

  2. I love socks! Wish we had a sock store here in NH because I would be broke and I would need more room in my dresser.

  3. I love themed socks! I have many, many Christmas socks and some Halloween socks and also some kitty socks. Would love to have these in my collection!

  4. I love all of them, but have to say the tarot cards are super cool. You all did a wonderful job picking out the perfect sock for each writer. And what better for us readers than those books!

  5. Love the socks you picked for your fellow Wickeds but must admit the socks with books are perfect for your readers. I loved the socks that say wicked

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