A Walk Around the Frog Ledge Town Green

By Liz, desperate to escape from book jail and wind up on a beach somewhere….

That sounds like a movie we might all be familiar with, doesn’t it? Anyway, it’s true – I am still locked away in book jail, and the clock is ticking. So because I am chained to my desk, I thought I’d take you all on a virtual walk around the Frog Ledge Town Green with Stan.



Here we go – leaving Stan’s house and heading across the street to the green!





Heading down the path….








ViewBeautiful view!







The traditional New England church.Church






FlowersStopping to admire the flowers…..Dogsand visit with some pups resting during their walk!






War OfficeSome history.







The beautiful tree behind the library.






SignSome typical fun things to do in Frog Ledge….



And finally, heading home. Thanks for walking with me!

Check out my Pinterest boards for more Frog Ledge fun. See you when I make bail! Hopefully I’ll be out in time for National Dance Like a Chicken Day….

Readers, what’s your favorite place to walk or jog?

20 Thoughts

  1. What fun! I love the tour, Liz. My usual walk is down through town to the Lower Millyard and then along the rail trail next to the Powow River. Much history along the way, which inspires me for my Quaker Midwife mysteries. Much writing in my head…

  2. This is so much fun! I usually walked the wooded paths through our neighborhood. What luck that the planners saved so many trees and put in so many trails!

  3. For convenience, I usually walk through my neighborhood, which is boring but i know every time someone plants a new plant. My walking friend and I are pretty creative, however. We are still debating which of our neighbors might be swingers, or have a sex dungeon, or that kind of fun stuff…..There are a number of good walking trails in my area but it’s a weekend thing more than a daily.

    1. Haha, the “Guess what your neighbors are doing” game is fun too, Ramona! I used to do that in my parents’ neighborhood, where the homes were much closer together.

  4. There’s a lot more green and a lot less town than I picture when I read the series. I guess that’s the city boy in me coming out. I can’t imagine that much land in the middle of a town at all.

  5. I walk a mile along beautiful Madeira Beach beside the Gulf of Mexico. Still pause to pick up a pretty shell or piece of coral even after all these years as a Floridian.

  6. What a beautiful walk. Thank you for sharing. I can’t walk too far due to arthritis. Most of my views are from my window or a car. Not nearly as lovely as yours.

  7. What fun to see Frog Ledge! I think I’ve been there 😉 Hope you are out of book jail soon and can get your chicken dance on.

  8. Lovely, Liz. I’ve booked my next walk there! Hope you are happily sprung from book jail soon. I know the incarceration is worth it!

  9. Lovely walk. Thanks for taking us with you. Tyler and I enjoy walking at the church field. So many things to see, but we have to stay clear of the creek these days. Water moccasins, yuck!!

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