Wicked Wednesday-Stopping by the Wayside

ALL MURDERS FINAL mech.inddWe are celebrating the release of Sherry’s book All Murders Final! Yesterday Sherry wrote about one of her favorite historical sites in Massachusetts, Longfellow’s Wayside Inn in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Sarah Winston goes there in All Murders Final, and I wondered, dear Wickeds, if you have ever been. If not, do you have another favorite inn or haunted place?

Edith: Congratulations, Sherry! So happy for you. I’ve never been to the Wayside but have always wanted to go. My imagination tends to run away with me, so I know if I thought about a place being haunted, I’m sure spirits would manifest and I’m not that comfortable with the idea. We went to the historic Exeter Inn this winter, which has lovely interiors. And several restaurants in Amesbury are in historic mill buildings, with much of the inside intact.

Liz: Yay Sherry!! Can’t wait to read this installment. I’ve never been to the Wayside either, but there’s an awesome restaurant here in Mystic that’s haunted, the Captain Daniel Packer Inne. It’s alleged to be haunted by Captain Daniel Packer’s niece, who died at age seven. She plays in the stairwell and befriends children who come to eat. I’ve never met her, but always hoped to!

Jessie: Congratulations, Sherry! It never gets old, does it? I have never been to the Wayside Inn but am eager to travel there through the pages of All Murders Final! I love the idea of haunted places but have yet to encounter one.

Barb: Congratulations, Sherry! I can’t wait to read All Murders Final. I’ve been to the Wayside Inn too many times to count. It’s one of my mother-in-law’s favorite restaurants, so we’ve taken private rooms for many graduation, milestone birthday, and other family parties. For several years we had a “grown-ups” only Christmas season dinner there when the place was all decorated. Our house in Boothbay Harbor is supposedly haunted. I’ve never seen the ghost, though our dog was convincing in his belief one night when we had to sleep in the haunted bedroom.

Julie: Add my voice to the chorus! Can’t wait to have you sign a copy of ALL MURDERS FINAL at Malice. When I was growing up, we spent April vacation with my grandparents. During those wonderful years, trips to the Wayside Inn were common. It is really wonderful. (I’m adding it to a day trip later this spring.) RE haunted houses–I lived in an apartment with a poltergeist. Random things would fly across the room. Jewelry would disappear, and then show up in the center of a table one day. Lights would flash in mirrors, but you could never find the source of the flash. Good times…

How about you, dear readers? Have you ever been to the Wayside Inn? Any haunted dwellings in your past?

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  1. As Sherry and I figured out yesterday, apparently my 9x-great-grandfather founded the Inn, which may explain why I keep going back there. Haven’t met the ghost, alas.

    I’ve been told that guests who have stayed in the house I use for the Orchard Mysteries has a ghost, a woman who appears now and then in an upstairs bedroom. I’ve stayed in that room, but didn’t receive any visits. But I’ve got a good guess who she might be–in the mid 19th century there was a rather strained relationship among the siblings living there, and their father had to specify in his will that his daughter had the right to pass through the shared rooms downstairs to reach the outhouse. I can guess that she’s still fuming about that.

      1. No Gates (that I know of yet), but before 1700 in Hingham I have Church, Hall, Hobart, Lazell, Marsh, Nichols, a slew of Pratts (they’re everywhere), Warren and Wilder (not all necessarily direct ancestors, except the Pratts).

  2. I don’t think I’d heard of the Wayside Inn until I read this book. And I can’t say I’ve been anywhere haunted either.

    Guess I’m just boring today. 😉 Maybe that’s what happens when you get up at 3 to catch your flight.

  3. I don’t live far from The Wayside Inn, but have not visited as yet. So many great places for food in this area, so little time and tummy…

    1. The grounds are a wonderful place to take a walk. There’s an old, working grist mill and a church that Henry Ford built named for his wife. You can go into the Inn without eating there. But there are so many wonderful places to eat in Massachusetts!

  4. Sherry, tremendous news, wishing you the best with your new book. In San Diego I knew a guy (quite the doubter of any kind of psychic phenomenon) who stayed in the Hotel del Coranado one night & was scared out of his wits by a shape that came out of the wall at him. Very strange, we all thought, given his personality. Who knows, maybe be made it up–he was a lawyer.

  5. Here in Baltimore we have many a historic/haunted restaurant. My favorite is Bertha’s in Fells Point. The restaurant/bar serves the best steamed mussels I have ever tasted. The restaurant is dark with many small nooks that you can imagine sailors hid away with a favorite lady for privacy back in the day. It is rumored pirates frequented the place. I must admit the staircase gives me the creeps each time I walk past. It is exciting, though I am not anxious to see any spirits other than those they mix behind the bar!

  6. I’m excited to pick up a copy next weekend! My sister and I were walking into the bookstore Saturday and saw a book launch event posted!

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