An Author’s Surfeit of Riches!

Edith here, with a double release day! Two books on one day – Murder Most Fowl and Grilled for Murder – from the same publisher but in different series. 

Here’s what happens in Murder Most Fowl, the fourth Local Foods mystery:Murder Most Fowl

Spring may be just around the corner, but organic farmer-turned-sleuth Cam Flaherty has to set aside her seedlings for the time being as she tills the soil for clues in the mysterious death of a local poultry farmer. Murder, blackmail, cover-ups. The kind-hearted chicken farmer didn’t have any enemies–or did he? A wealthy financier has been working hard to convince him to sell her his land, while a group of animal rights activists recently vandalized his property. Money troubles were threatening to sink his marriage. And a thirty-year-old scandal was driving a wedge between him and one of his oldest friends. There’s a fox in the hen house. But where? With some help from her off-again, on-again flame, police detective Pete Pappas, Cam will have to crack this case before the killer flies the coop forever.

You might wonder how I came to have two books in different series – but from the same publisher – released on the same day. Yeah, me, too. My editor said it just worked out that way, and by the time I saw the Grilled for Murder release date he said it was too late to change it. AnGrilledAudioCoverAmazond now I won’t have another release out until April, 2017.

But it’s all good. I’m happy to have books out in the hands of you, the reading public. I hope you enjoy Murder Most Fowl and Grilled for Murder – and Grilled also releases in audio book today. Isn’t this a fun cover for that?

Here’s what goes on in Country Story Mystery number two:

Erica Shermer may be the widow of handsome locaGrilled for Murderl lawyer Jim Shermer’s brother, but she doesn’t appear to be in mourning. At a homecoming party held in Robbie Jordans’s South Lick country store, Erica is alternately obnoxious and flirtatious–even batting her eyelashes at Jim. When Erica turns up dead in the store the next morning, apparently clobbered with cookware, the police suspect Robbie’s friend Phil, who closed up after the party. To clear Phil and calm her customers, Robbie needs to step out from behind the counter and find the real killer in short order…

Readers: Have you had a surfeit of riches lately? Any double blessings descend upon you?

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  1. Congratulations, Edith on your doubly special day! Next week my family is hosting a graduation party for two high school graduates. So we are doubly blessed as well.

  2. So exciting, Edith! Congratulations!
    Book twins! Do you get a bit of a rest now, since your new book won’t come out until 2017? Or are you cooking up more surprises?

    1. God, no rest for the wicked, I mean the contracted. I have a book due TOMORROW, and then two months to write the next first draft (books due in January and February next year, so far…). But hey, I’m living my dream!

  3. I didn’t think that I had. But looking back, I got my acceptance for the Bouchercon anthology and the Guppy anthology in May – so I guess I do.

    Congrats on the double release!

  4. Congrats, Edith! I’ve read and enjoyed Murder Most Fowl, and I will be starting Grilled for Murder today. Looking forward to it.

  5. I did get both my short stories accepted for The Whole She-Bang 3. We were allowed 2 submissions and it was blind judging, so I felt good about that 🙂

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