Wicked Quiz — Protagonist Towns

Do you love to take quizzes and find out which Disney Princess you are or what is your spirit animal? So do we! Take our quiz: Which Wicked Cozy Protagonist Town Should You Live In? Find out by clicking here! And if you really like quizzes you can take the first one (Which Wicked Cozy Protagonist Are You?) by clicking here.

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Here’s a sneak peek at the possible outcomes:

Granford, Massachusetts with Meg Corey

1890’s Old Orchard Beach, Maine with Ruby Proulx

Dorset Falls, Connecticut withย Josie Blair

Ellington, Massachusetts with Sarah Winston

Orchard, Massachusetts with Ruth Clagan

South Lick, Indiana with Robbie Jordan

Frog Ledge with Stan Connor

Busman’s Harbor with Julia Snowden

Readers: After you take the quiz tell us which town you got! Were you surprised?

65 Thoughts

      1. That’s a relief as I am Stan as well: but living in Ellington.

  1. Oh! Another part… dum dum dum dum… dum dum dum dum… I should live with Julia Snowden in Busman’s Harbor!

      1. Lobstah’s my favorite! I played with live lobstahs my dad set on the kitchen floor, but it wasn’t until I was in high school when we moved back to Marblehead that my parents conceded the possibility that I might like to eat one. I was the only kid in 9th grade who never had lobster or steamed clams! Major adjust to family food budget.

  2. me, too, Elaine! works for me–I lived in MA for 20 years and loved it ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. You should live with Sarah Winston in Ellington! To find out more about Ellington read the Sarah Winston Garage Sale Series by Sherry Harris

    You got Sarah Winston! You are loyal to a fault, love to find a bargain, and make new friends easily. Find out more about Sarah Winston in the Sarah Winston Garage Sale mystery series by Sherry Harris.

    At least I am consistent! Now to track down the books lol

  4. I guess it’s Frog Ledge for me. What is it about eating without gaining weight that points me to Frog Ledge? Are the people there all thin?

  5. Robbie should feel left out no more. I took the quiz and got that result. Considering how much I love the setting, I’m not too surprised, although I wouldn’t have been surprised with any of them, actually. So many great settings in the Wicked’s books.

  6. I took both and I’m Julia and live in Busman’s Harbor, Maine. but would have been happy being any of them.I read all of you and enjoy the books for different reasons but must admit Maine has been on my bucket list for years.

  7. Looks like I’m moving to Frog Ledge. I hope Liz will stop by with a covered dish to welcome me!
    This quiz was fun —
    I’ve already seen several people post their results to FB. Nice job, ladies!

  8. I’m off to Frog Ledge as well! It’s great because I love Stan and company! Loved the quiz!!!

  9. This is so funny. I got Ellington MA. I about 20 minutes from the town Ellington is based on Bedford. Guess once a Massachusetts gal always a Massachusetts gal even though I haven’t lived there in 40 years.

  10. “You should live with Ruby Proulx in Old Orchard Beach! To find out more about Old Orchard Beach read the Change of Fortune mysteries by Jessica Estevao!”

    I was feeling bad for Ruby, so I guessed enough of the clues to land in Old Orchard Beach. Where all the Wickeds will be in a week and a half!

  11. It must be a wishful thinking quiz not a personality quiz. I ended up Sarah Winston, but the truth is I need Sarah Winston to run a yard sale for me.

  12. I got South Lick, Indiana. I don’t know much about Robbie but looks like I should know more!

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