Opening Lines

It’s Opening Lines day! Today’s pic: What’s in your trash can? Thanks to Siobhan Geraghty for the photo!

Photo Credit: Siobhan Geraghty
Photo Credit: Siobhan Geraghty

Sherry: This isn’t what I had in mind when they hired me to be a garbage man.

Jessie: Sally was done practicing on mannequins. It was time to apply her machete wielding skills to the real target.

Liz: My attempts at quietly sneaking up to the door were in vain when I tripped over the trashcan – and screamed when a head rolled out and landed at my feet.

Julie: I lost my head. Which was a real shame, since it looked so good on top of the dress form I was using for target practice. A lot like my ex-boyfriend, as a matter of fact.If only the dog hadn’t mistaken it for a soccer ball.

Edith: Harold! So that’s where you been hiding. You near give me a cardiac, hiding like that. And dang it all, there’s my best gray undies, too.

Barb: 🎵 I ain’t got no-body 🎵

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19 Thoughts

  1. A mannequin head in the trash can? No big deal in her neighborhood, chock full of artists, musicians and actors. But when had anyone she’d ever known used up an entire Family Sized box of trash bags? And what’s that smell? Definitely not pizza.

  2. Rubbing sleep from my eyes, I went down to the alley to leave my trash before the truck came. As I went to heft the bag into the can my eyes flew wide open, and a scream tore from my lungs.

  3. Friday’s trash day, I remembered. One disadvantage of my new apartment was that there was no trash chute. I grumbled to myself as I lugged my week’s accumulation of pizza boxes, junk mail, and used tissues down 3 flights of stairs. “Who ever heard of a 4 story apartment building without trash chutes. This is ridiculous.” mumble, grumble “I’ve got to remember to bring trash down every day when I leave for work. That can’s full. So’s that one. This one might have some space if I just rearran — HEAD!” I screamed as loudly as I could.

  4. Yeah! A First Line Friday. I love these posts! Here’s mine:

    I’d long practiced the idea of hiding in plain sight. When it came time to dispose of the corpse, I figured I’d do the same thing. I buried the head in the bottom of the trashcan and filled the rest with dummy heads.

  5. Oh, this seems like so much fun. I haven’t participated in a First Line Friday.

    Here’s goes…
    The neighborhood kids thought it was a joke until one of them got closer to the trash can. It looked like we found the head to the body we discovered in the park last night. I glanced to my partner and asked, “So, where the hell we will find his arms?”

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