Bouchercon Swag Giveaway

We had so much fun at Bouchercon in New Orleans that we wanted to share a bit of that fun with you! We are giving away a Wicked Cozy fan signed by over twenty authors, beads, an umbrella and bandana from the second line parade, and three vintage postcards. But wait there’s more! We are also giving away one book written by either Barb, Edith, Jessie, Julie, Liz, or Sherry — you get to choose the book!

img_0935Look at all of these signatures!

img_0939And this fun swag:


Readers: Leave a comment below by midnight tonight PDT for a chance to win! And don’t forget you will also get a book!

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  1. The only time I was in NOLA was for a conference that wasn’t anywhere near as fun as yours. But I loved the city. And I would love the booty!!

  2. Great giveaway from the NOLA Bouchercon! Please DON’T include me in the contest. I just wanted to say that it was great to finally meet the Wickeds (and friends) during last Friday’s get-together. Good luck everyone!

  3. I’ve only been to New Orleans once but had a blast. I’m glad all the Wickeds had fun. What a great prize package…thanks for the chance to win!

  4. I have never been to New Orleans but boy it sounds like a great place to visit. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  5. OH!!! I would have loved to attend Boucheron! Is it held every year? Maybe I can go when I’m retired!

    1. It is held every year but the place it is held changes. I hope you can make it some time too or to Malice Domestic — it’s filled with mystery authors.

  6. Looks like you all had a great time. Wish I could have been there to enjoy the excitement. The swag would be an awesome way to remember it.

  7. Yes please!!! I would be thrilled to win. Thanks so much for sharing a bit of your NOLA fun with the readers and posting pictures this week. You wore some cute dresses at Bouchercon Sherry! I swear I’m not sucking up for a better chance to win! 😉 Just an observation. Now I’m off to bed, to send positive thoughts into the universe and dream about which Wicked book I would choose if I were lucky enough to win!

  8. Wow it sure does sound like you all had fun. I have loved the photos I have seen from different authors. I hope to one day get to come to one of these things! Thanks you so much for the chance to win some amazing gifts!!

  9. I attended Bouchercon for the first time this year, and also my first visit to NOLA, so experienced total sensory overload, and loved every minute! What a wonderful opportunity to meet favorite authors and discover new ones to add to the list!

  10. Oh, all of the pictures are amazing. Looks like it was a blast. Thank you for sharing!!!

  11. What a great time you all had! I always wanted to travel to New Orleans, but cannot.
    Your giveaway is a perfect mix of the feel of New Orleans and you top it off with a great book.
    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!

  12. What an amazing collection of signatures! It was great seeing Edith and awesome talking to you in the airport, Sherry. I hope you were able to make out all your flight issues. And don’t include me in the giveaway, either. But what a fantastic collection (okay, I’ll admit that the sentence “we’re giving away a fan” made me pause a little LOL).

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