Opening Lines

Here’s another New Orleans photo for Opening Lines.

Barb: On her deathbed, Mamma looked at the three of us and said, “You know how I always said your daddy left us? After I’m gone, whatever you do, don’t unplug my freezer.”

Edith: Mon Dieu! I can’t believe some maudit incompetent opened the cryo box. The big tank’s still full. Papere‘s brain? No better’n grits by this point.

Liz: I don’t believe in any of that voodoo crap…so I ignored what that crazy lady said an opened that crypt. Bring it on!

Julie: The thing I love most about this casket? It doubles as an ice chest until you need it.

Jessie: If I’ve told Ray once, I’ve told him a thousand times, just because something is free on Craigslist don’t mean it’s a bargain. We ain’t never gonna get the smell outta that chest.

Sherry: I’d studied the images hung over my grandfather’s desk for years. Finally, I understood what the messages meant. There’s a sale at Macys, must go now.

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12 Thoughts

  1. It reminds me of the time the sales person from wherever it was came to the house and tried to sell us boxes for our ashes. He who shall not be named had already signed. I said, no way would I have these boxes in my house. “Oh but they’re beautiful” she said, “and you’re all pre-paid.” I said, “No.” I have a nice place waiting for me in Salem. The day you turn fifty you’ll start getting all kinds of mail that will guarantee you a good send-off without burdening your children. Your son-in-law can call the whatchacallit society to come get you and have enough money left over to have a party.

  2. “I bet you could fit a human in that chest,” he said.
    “Prove it,” I said.
    So he climbed inside and shut the lid.
    Turned out he was right. And with a little weight on the lid, you could trap them inside, too. Now I’m two states away with the entire haul from our bank robbery spree.

  3. Momma always said to stay away from the big chest in the basement because we could fall in and get trapped. We don’t believe her so we’re going down there. Oooh, that lid is heavy, but we got it open. Bobby will hold it while I check out the inside. Hey, wait!!! Bobby! Bobby?? Bobby!!!

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