The Colors of Fall

By Liz, wondering how it got to be October already

Can you guys believe it’s already fall? I can’t. This year went by way too fast. But it is, and I’ve been thinking a lot about this season.

Most people know I’m a beach/summer/warm weather junkie. If I could have sunny and 80 degrees every day, I think I’d go for it. That said, it might be a little less known that I actually love fall. It’s more than a close second favorite season – it’s tied with summer.

There are a few reasons for this. I’ve always loved Halloween, so there’s that. And having gone to college in Salem, Mass., home of Halloween central, I’ve come to recognize the entire month of October as its own season. I love everything about it – the costumes, the haunted houses, the scary movies, the hot cider and pumpkin everything. It’s just its own atmosphere, and it’s addictive. tweetie-and-bats

But there’s more to fall than just Halloween. It starts with that tiny chill in the air, even on the still-warm days. The leaves are turning those rich, vibrant colors. You don’t need the air conditioner, but you don’t quite need the heat either. Hot soups are back in season. If you have a fireplace, you’l probably use it. The air feels…fresh.

I worked at Mann’s Apple Orchard in my hometown, Methuen, back when I was in college. The fall season was the absolute best time of year to be part of that scene. At the time, it was a small, family-owned place – it’s since expanded to a much bigger operation – but back then, we were a little family. Sunday was apple crisp baking day. We sold more apple pies in October and November than we could ever count. People came from all over to pick up maple candies, fudge and handmade apple butter. Hot apple cider was always on tap. And everyone had more good cheer than Christmas time. I loved going to work and just being part of that.

Spring is the season of rebirth, but fall is its own new beginning. Albert Camus says, “Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower.” There’s just something about driving down a street lined with brilliant colors, leaves spiraling down. The nights are turning darker a little earlier. There’s energy and urgency in the air.

Now, if we could just skip winter and go right to spring…

Readers, what’s your favorite part of the fall season?

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  1. I agree about fall, Liz. I always grieve for the end of the fresh produce season, but after that it’s lovely to wear long pants again, to slip boots on with tights and a skirt, and to breathe that crisp, clear air.

  2. Everything you mentioned! I used to be a summer girl, too, but fue yo sone medication issues, I need to svoid the heat and sun, which is okay; we just make our trips to the South in April and October..

  3. Fall is my most favourite season. I never had an air conditioner at home, so the hot humid summer days and nights sometimes were too oppressive to enjoy. Although I love to walk, hike and cycle most of the year, the crisp air and the beautiful leaf colours in the fall make these outings even more enjoyable. Also, with the first killer frost, I am allergy free for a few months (no grass, tree or ragweed pollen!). I also love fall produce, especially apples and returning to making my staple menus of hearty soups and stews.

  4. I’m a fall girl. Love the cool nights for sleeping. I went to college in Olean, NY on a campus that was absolutely gorgeous in the fall. So many colors! But yeah, I’d gladly skip winter and go straight to spring.

  5. Fall is my favorite season. Everything seems crisp and fresh. The smells are full of richness from the outdoors to inside the house- cinnamon, pumpkin, nutmeg, dry leaves…deep and rich. The pugs can go out without breathing problems- and I get to mow the lawn less. Yahoo!

  6. Um? That Christmas is coming? (I kind of like December for that reason if you haven’t figured that out yet.)

    I’m not a fan of fall, and it has gotten worse since I moved to Southern CA. We have the Santa Anna winds, and I hate wind. Plus all the dry air after the hot summer gives us fire season, which is never fun. In fact, in my version of the four seasons So Cal style, I refer to this one as Santa Anna Wind and Fire Season.

    Of course, it also means that winter is coming, and I really don’t like winter at all. After Christmas, we can skip straight to spring.

  7. There is nothing that I like about the fall! Just knowing it’s coming makes me feel like I’m watching a loved one die. (Okay, that’s a little melodramatic; I just really, really hate fall!) It seems abnormal to have to put on a sweater or jacket to go outside. Summer is my favorite season and spring is my second favorite. Even though it’s still too cool to be comfortable in the spring, at least there’s an end in sight.

    Don’t even ask what I think of winter! My friends would caution you not to say the “s” word in front of me, that four letter word for the white precipitation that falls to the ground, piles up, requires shoveling, and causes numerous accidents!

    1. Wow, Deb! I think you have even more animosity towards winter than I do – and that’s pretty bad! That said, I agree with you wholeheartedly.

  8. I love Autumn because some slightly cooler weather is coming. Also I love the leaves changing colors. And of course it means winter is coming. Here in TN though, the cooler weather means 70s instead of 90s and winter will not get here till probably January. My two favorite season only last a few months, so I try to enjoy them as much as I can.

  9. I enjoy the winter months for several reasons. The beauty of the snow-covered mountains of Maine, breathing the clean, fresh air, watching the children skating on the ponds, and most of all the time I spend reading many books. Every season has its own beauty.

  10. I love hot, hot summers. I don’t even mind the humidity. But fall is beautiful as long as I don’t think of what follows. I’m with Deb on hating winter and, yes, the “s” word is a dirty four letter word in our house, too. What I really miss, tho’, is the smell of burning leaves. I know it was terrible for the environment, but there was nothing like watching and smelling the burning leaves after hours of raking.

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