Wicked New England — Favorite Place For A Fall Walk

It’s hard to beat fall in New England! Warm days, cool nights, vivid oranges, reds, and yellows abound in the woods — it’s weather that just begs you to go outside and take a walk. So Wickeds where do you like to go when you head our for a walk in the fall?

Edith: My favorite place to walk year round is always Maudslay State Park in Newburyport.maudslay-state-park-ma It has the dual advantage of being in the next town and I have my lifetime free Senior pass to state parks, so I can leave my car for free. Since it’s the former Mosley estate, it features winding walking trails, views of the Merrimack River, and lane after lane of century-old rhododendron and bay laurel hedges. There are open fields and wooded paths. Flat walking and hilly walking. Fresh air and nesting eagles. I cross-country ski there in winter and take brilliant-colored fall walks, too.

img_4483Jessie: My favorite walk any time of the year is the beach in Old Orchard. By autumn it is almost deserted and there are miles of open sand to wander and to think. There is nothing like the salt air to clear the head!

img_3755Sherry: My favorite place in Massachusetts was the Minute Man National Historical Park that runs through Lexington, Lincoln, and Concord. It’s a walk through history that shouldn’t be missed. The picture above is of the Old North Bridge where “The Shot Heard Round The World” occurred.

img_1738In Virginia I just have to walk out my front door and head for one of the many paths in our neighborhood.

Barb: There are so many lovely New England walks, but I have to go with the bike path that runs behind the houses on the other side of my Somerville, MA street. It’s a classic urban pathway filled with commuters, kids in stollers, bikers, seniors, and students. It leads to Davis Square where you can take in a movie, have a meal, do errands, or jump on the T to Harvard Square or Boston. Or you can just meander, taking in the sights, sounds and smells of a New England fall.


Julie: New England is an abundance of wonderful fall walks. It’s embarrassing, really. I work in Boston and commute by T, so walking is a huge part of my life. Fall in Boston is so lovely that I tend to get off a stop early, or choose to walk to a meeting rather than take the bus. But other favorite places? The beach in the fall is beyond stunning. The colors are crisp, and the temperature is perfect for bundling up, and taking long, long walks.


Liz: Unoriginal for me but the town green. It’s so pretty with the fall colors and the leaves. img_1481

Readers: Where is your favorite place to take a walk in the fall?


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  1. Now that I live in Florida my favorite walk is on Madeira Beach. Best time is sunset over the Gulf. But when I was in new England the best one was along Gloucester’s wonderful Back Shore. That magnificent view and the sound of the ocean makes the world go away.

  2. The beach is my favorite walk, any season, but I spent a wonderful few days in the Laurel Highlands this week, walking in the early morning with fog hovering. I have to drive to find a place like that from home, so it was a special treat.

    1. It’s always the best to have a beautiful walk right out your back door. I had one in Ipswich, where I lived before Amesbury, a road that ended at a creek through the salt marshes. I miss it.

  3. I am lucky that the Ottawa-Gatineau region has over 100 miles of walking paths along the rivers and up in the Gatineau park hills. Right now, my favourite regular walk is along the Ottawa River…the fall colours are beautiful beside the blue Ottawa River.

  4. I’m in Nantucket this week and I’ve walked on cobblestone streets in the town. My friends and I have also walked on the beach. This is a beautiful place to take advantage of fall.

  5. This year, I walked in the early morning on the streets around Camden harbor. Beautiful foliage, wonderful views and porches featuring pumpkins and mums in every combination. That’s a memory for life! Edith, Maudslay is a longtime favorite of mine, too.

  6. I love my daily walk by the water – beaches and marshes. Edith’s right – the salt marshes are turning gold with the cooler weather and it’s a gorgeous sight. Also it’s fun to see what sea birds are stopping by on travels. I was lucky enough to see a blue heron the other day.

  7. Loved this and the great fall photos. I live in Brooklyn, NY just a few blocks from the great Prospect Park, so this answer is obvious. The park in fall is the photo on my FB page. It is so big we sometimes drive over to the other side just to we can walk someplace new. We actually were in Lexington, MA recently, visiting friends. Perfect weather and what a spectacular fall drive from NY! And we did go to Minute Man Park…but took the bus tour! 🙂

  8. As much as I love living in So Cal, we don’t have a lot of good places to walk. And I certainly don’t get to see fall colors. Some year, I need to go to New England to see that and maybe go on some of these walks.

    1. I think you’d love it, Mark. One of my son’s friends, a New Mexico native, visited last week and was utterly enchanted by the color. Even those of us who are used to are still awed by the beauty. I pulled over while driving on Tuesday to get a better look at a particularly magnificent red maple.

    2. When we lived in So Cal it always seemed like you had to drive someplace to take a walk. Although for our first four months there we only lived a block from the Strand in Redondo Beach. But you should go to New England — it’s stunning!

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