Opening Lines

Thanks to Bill Carito for letting us use this Star Trek themed photo!

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Jessie: Cynthia paced nervously as she waited for the number 49 bus. Every morning the twins at the house across the street made her wish the bus stop was further down the block.

Edith: The creepy part after the new owners, a family of grandmother, mother, and daughter, moved into the yellow house wasn’t the dualing posters in the windows. It was the real-life man who appeared behind them at twilight – but never left the house.

Sherry: At first she thought they were both posters but then the Captain James T. Kirk on the left waved and beamed up.

Julie: She was a Picard girl, always had been, so she just kept walking.

Barb: Heading up the front walk, I began to worry about what, exactly, my girlfriend Ginger had meant by a “double date.”

Liz: I should’ve known – when a house has such cheap rent, there’s gotta be some sort of weirdness involved.

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  1. I’ve always thought you can tell a lot about a family by the house they live in. This was no exception. A grandfather, ex-hippie, now a stock-broker, but who wore ancient Grateful Dead shirts on the weekend, and loved anything that brought back memories of his wild self. And a room with a large picture window, to over-look the world. At least I thought so. His grandson, on the other hand, must be shy, a computer nerd, who revered old sci fi and even put up a poster, to be closer to Granddad. I thought. Boy, was I wrong.

  2. At first she’d found his childlike obsession with the 1960s television series amusing. He was always telling her to ‘live long and prosper.’ Like all of his addictions, it was cute and she figured he’d simply outgrow it. But as she approached the old yellow house and looked up, a sense of dread wormed its way into her belly. Kirk!

  3. There’s not enough coffee this morning for any creative brain cells to be functioning so I’m just enjoying the opening lines. They are great!

  4. LOL! Very good, Ladies.”Picard Girl”!

    Although the day was overcast,Letenna felt out of this world with her new job that would be sending her to far-away places,but suddenly, a dreaded feeling came over her. She wished she had not worn her new red tunic…

  5. I’m just loving these opening lines – so clever to use just a few words to conjure up that creepy feeling!

  6. There in his window was the perfect motive for murder. Being that obsessed with Star Trek was completely wrong. It should be Babylon 5, not Star Trek! No jury of my peers (fellow Babylon 5 fans) would ever convict me.

  7. “Well, damn …. there goes the neighborhood! Spoken like a true Romulan” gushed my Auntie Em.

  8. “Picard!” I shouted at my friend. “It’s Picard who’s Captain of the Enterprise!” I insisted. He only pointed to the house.

    “Oh.” I said. “Kirk cards.”

  9. Those two guys up in the window…. they are kinda creeping me out. I mean, whenever I get too near, they just seem to dematerialize.

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