Wicked Wednesday — Our Favorite Greek Movies

A Killer Kebab CoverThankful for Our Readers Giveaway –  Edith: I get to give away a book today – one copy of a signed hardcover Murder Most Fowl, my latest mystery, to one commenter! Winners will be announced on Sunday!

We are continuing to celebrate the release of Killer Kebab (A Greek To Me Mystery) by Susannah Hardy. Here’s a little bit about the third book in the series: The Bonaparte House is closed for the season, and Georgie Nikolopatos looks forward to fixing up the Greek restaurant and historic landmark—until her renovation plans hit a fatal snag.

With her divorce underway, her mother-in-law returning to Greece, and the tourists gone, Georgie finally has life under control—and the Bonaparte House to herself. She quickly hires a contractor for some much-needed renovations to reopen in time for a special Greek-style Thanksgiving meal. Georgie is suspicious though when former dishwasher Russ Riley arrives with the construction crew. He still has an axe to grind with the Nikolopatos family—but is it sharp enough to kill? When Georgie finds the body of her divorce lawyer amid the construction debris and Russ is quickly arrested for murder, something about the case doesn’t add up. While Georgie is no fan of Russ, even a bad egg deserves a crack at justice. Includes delicious Greek recipes!

Some of us have been to Greece and some only through movies. We all loved Mamma Mia but do you have another favorite movie set in Greece? What did you love about it? Have you been there?220px-mindingstore

Edith: I was in Thessaloniki in the summer of 1980 for an idyllic week of relaxed eating, lots of drinking, and talking politics with one of my best friends – who happens to be from there. While we were walking through the city one night, we happened across an open-air movie theater, and they were showing “Who’s Minding the Store?,” the Jerry Lewis film where he mimes typing on a typewriter. The Greeks LOVE Lewis, and while the movie isn’t set in Greece, I saw it there!

Liz: So I’ve never been to Greece, and I know this movie is technically not set in Greece, either, but figured it would count – My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I know, I know, but it was hilarious, wasn’t it?

Sherry: I took my daughter to the movie Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants when she was in eighth grade. Part of the movie was filmed in Santorini, Greece according to IMDb. It was stunningly beautiful just like one would expect. I’ve never been to Greece but hope to go someday!

Barb: I was last in Greece in 1976–Athens, Crete, Santorini and Knaxos. I’ve wanted to return ever since and for awhile was saving all those expensive sailing cruise brochures that used to come to the house. I hope to still make it back someday. For Greek movies, I’ll go with the classic Never On Sunday, and its Academy Award-winning song, although I went to see the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants with my niece, and I loved it.

Susannah/Sadie/Jane: I spent a couple of months in Greece after college, traveling around with a girlfriend, and I can honestly say Greece is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen! I’ve not been back, but it’s on my bucket list to return. I was on a very tight postcollege budget the first go round–next time, I hope to have some money to spend, LOL!  As for movies set in Greece, well, I’m a big fan of Mamma Mia and of course the classic, Zorba the Greek. 

Jessie: My favorite is Shirley Valentine. Not only was the heroine a joy to watch but the scenery was delightful too.

Julie: I’m with Jessie, love Shirley Valentine. I’m a huge Tom Conti fan, which always helps. (Did you know that film is based on a one woman play?) Also, Guns of Navarone. What a wonderful movie that was–saw it as a kid and loved it. Saw it as an adult, loved it AND understood it.

Readers: Do you have a favorite movie set in Greece? Or a fun experience with the culture?Save

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  1. Surprisingly few novelists address the Greek-American experience. Thanks for adding this series to my bibliography. Hardy’s books look tasty, indeed.

  2. I’ll cast a vote for Shirley Valentine as well. I read Guns of Navarone before I saw the movie.

  3. Greece is one place I’ve never been–I wish I could have done it when I was still an art historian (but that was in another millennium). But there’s still hope (and maybe cheap flights from Cork Airport?). Only one movie set in Greece (that I actually saw) comes to mind: Zorba the Greek. Great cast.

  4. Hmmm…I can’t think of a favourite movie set in Greece. And unfortunately I’ve never been there, but I’m quite fond of the food.

  5. My favorite Greek movie, set partially in Greece, was “Chariots of Fire,” about the UK team that competed in the 1924 Olympics. Who could ever forget Vangelis’s theme music for the film.

    1. Oops! My mistake. The Olympics that year were in Paris. Oh, well. I had the Greek Olympians in mind. Close enough?

  6. “Z” immediately came to mind – an intense, dark movie about Greek politics that actually was not filmed in Greece. It is by Director Kostas-Gavris about the assassination in Thessaloniki of pacifist minister Grigoris Lambrakis in 1963 and the investigation by a courageous prosecutor, Christos Sartzetakis, (who later became President of Greece) that led all the way to the Inspector of the police and other high-ranking officials in the government being indicted. This movie was banned in Greece during the dictatorship as was the soundtrack by Theodorakis. I saw it in high school; still the first movie that comes to mind in response to the question above. The soundtrack is incredible! (I did get to Athens for a very brief visit – enough to visit the Parthenon, but definitely have Greece on my “travel there some more when I have time” list.)

  7. Favorite movies set in Greece: The Moonspinners (one of my all time favorite movies), and My Life in Ruins with Nia Vardalos. I also loved Nia in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, though not set in Greece ~

  8. I’m sure if I think about it, I’ll come up with something I’ve read or seen set in Greece that wasn’t Mamma Mia! (which I did enjoy).

    The closest my tired brain can come right now is the Percy Jackson books. Will those count since they involve all the old Greek gods and myths? Some of the books in the second series are set in Greece.

    (Oh, and I think unless I say otherwise, please don’t include me in any of the drawings since I don’t need any of your books.)

    1. I haven’t read the Percy Jackson books but did see the first movie with my daughter! If a book pops up during the month that you don’t have, let us know!

  9. Both of the movies I thought of have already been mentioned, but one of my favorites is “Z” it features Yves Montand one of my favorite actors and the other is “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” neither shot in Greece, but still great movies.

  10. I forgot about SHIRLEY VALENTINE and really loved it but MOMMA MIA gets me every time, movie , TV or live on stage gets my feet moving.

  11. I was in Greece two summers ago – a cruise stop at a little island called Corfu. Greece is gorgeous! I’m definitely a fan of Shirley Vakentine and Mama Mia and I’ll be checking out all these other movies. In the meantime I’ll have to go get a Greek food fix. This discussion is making me hungry!

  12. My favorite movie set in Greece would have to be “The Trojan Women” with Katharine Hepburn and Vanessa Redgrave. I like “Zorba the Greek” too, and who doesn’t love “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”?

  13. Thanks for the reminder about Z, chilling portrayal of political oppression. I was just telling a friend about Zorba the other day, one that I rewatch from time to time, as is Shirley Valentine as well.
    I loved visiting Greece, and would gladly go back. At one point, a friend and I toyed with the idea of just not going home, a beautiful, if passing, fantasy.

  14. hmmn: thought I posted a reply, but it is not showing! The only movie set in Greece that I’ve seen is Zorba the Greek.

  15. I loved Momma Mia. I also loved a movie that got horrible reviews, Boom, with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. It actually set in Sardinia, but it has a very Greek flavor. I guess I was just at a very impressionable age (18) when I saw it and thought it seemed so “profound”. 🙂 I would love to visit Greece. Anyone need a paid companion to go along?

  16. I would love to go to Greece one day. My in-laws have been to Greece and they had a great time.

  17. I can’t think of a movie off hand set in Greece although I think that some set in Europe go though there.

  18. “The Moonspinners” —– intrigue, charm, and beautiful scenery. I loved it.

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