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thankful-for-our-readers-giveaway-3Sherry, here and I’m delighted to be giving away a book and a vintage Thanksgiving postcard to someone who leaves a comment on the blog! You can take your pick of one of my three Sarah Winston Garage Sale Mysteries — Tagged for Death, The Longest Yard Sale, or All Murders Final! Thank you so much for being a part of our blog! All commenters will also be entered in the Fan on a Stick contest.


Once again, The New England Crime Bake is almost here. Since all the Wickeds are going to be able to attend, we are once again running a contest to take one of our readers with along with us, well, sort of. You will attend on a stick.

Dru peaks over Craig Johnson's shoulder to watch the line dancing.
Dru peeks over Craig Johnson’s shoulder to watch the line dancing.

In the past we’ve taken Dru Ann Love, Barb Goffman, and Mark Baker. This year’s Guest of Honor is the amazing William Kent Krueger.

Here’s how it works: Just leave a comment on this blog post by midnight PDT to be entered into the drawing. If you are chosen as the winner all we’ll need from you is your photo in jpeg format and a list of five authors attending this year’s Crime Bake whose autograph you would like us to ask for on your behalf. After Crime Bake we will send your autographed stick self to you. Good luck!

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  1. Please! I love being adopted by the Crime Bake group. You guys made my first Crime Bake a fun, safe, place — and did the same at a Malice dinner table. Whether picked or not, know how much this shy writer appreciated your acts of kindness. Picking me this year would be an act of kindness, too. I originally registered to go but canceled for a reason that will become public today (this is the first announcement owYesterday, I had my left ankle reconstructed, including a tendon transplant. Hard rehab begins in six weeks – until then, I have to be non-weight bearing. Six weeks of a scooter (it has a bell and basket), wheel chair or hopping on a walker will pass, but it would be nice being carried somewhere as special as Crime Bake. Signed, Debra, who probably wouldn’t be as a candid or wishful, but for flying on good painkillers.

    1. Ouch, Debra! We all hope you heal up well and soon. Speaking from experience (knee, not ankle), once you’re off the opioids it’s a great chance to get some concentrated writing done!

      1. Thanks for your kind wishes. Now that the pity party is over, I can see what you mean about finding focused writing time during this period of not being able to juggle as many things as usual.

      1. Thanks. It was a surprise to me, too. I thought post-Bouchercon, the Dr. would extend my time in the boot because the ankle still was problematic — but the simple sprain only masked the real issue.

        Congrats to all the Wicked Cozy Writers for coming up with such a great Thanksgiving/November giveaway idea. Love it.

    2. Ouch. I’m on the final legs of recovery from thumb and foot surgery (at the same time) and the rehab isn’t my favorite thing. However, I LOVED the electric carts in the grocery store. What fun! Eccentric old lady zooming around, beeping the horn. Good luck in your recovery, dear. It’s all worth it in the end.

      Another contest that I’ll never win, but hope springs eternal. Wishing everyone good luck at winning this super neat prize!

      1. Ginny, good luck on the home leg. Hope you are 100% soon. Even if we don’t win, maybe we can have a cart race somewhere (seeing how many endcaps we can knock down in the space of 40 seconds)

  2. Y’all are so much fun! A punny crime bake, autographed books, and virtual participation on a stick. All of that adds up to a cheery way to start a very important day and it will make me smile all day long.

  3. I really enjoy this blog. You had me laughing all the way. It’s fun just to come over and see what you all have gotten into this time!!

  4. I have always wanted to attend Crime Bake, but it always coincides with a trip my husband and I take to Canada for a veterans’ function. It means a lot to him and there are other conferences that I can attend. This year, with too much going on, he decided not to attend–after Crime Bake was full! One of these years I’ll get there. Have fun.

  5. I have not been to Crime Bake in years, so this is my chance to attend virtually with a great group of authors!

  6. I would just love to go to Crime Bake with you – the hilarity that ensues with your gatherings is fabulous. Since I am already the very contented owner/reader of your three books, Sherry, you can use that for a good cause (vintage postcard would be gratefully received)!

  7. I love it!! I’d love to win one of Sherry Harris’s books, and to attend the crime bake on a stick!! I’d be happy to get even one signature.
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  8. As a past stick person, I can assure you it’s a ton of fun. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be in two places at once!

  9. I really like this blog and also I did vote but it was absentee ballot the first day we got them in the mail we had them back in the mail the next day. We wanted it out of here and we hoped that would of stopped the calls but it didn’t today at 2:56 pm is the last commercial that will be political for these campaigns is what our eastern iowa station announced on its news last night.

  10. I hope to be able to go in person one of these years, but in the meantime, it would be a nice version of a vision board for me — a stick vision board — so that someday it will come to pass. I don’t know if I could look as cute as Barb does on her stick, though!!

  11. How cool is this! I love looking over peoples shoulders, and to be able to be a part of The New England Clam Bake would be amazing — if I am fortunate enough to win, make sure my stick rubs shoulders with a lot of people, lol! Sherry, I would love to win a copy of one of your books ~

  12. I love this tradition. So much fun! And how great that you’ll all be there. I already buy Sherry’s books 🙂 , but “traveling” with you would be a treat!

  13. I would love to go to Crime Bake with you all. You always seems to have a blast, and William Kent Krueger is one of my favorite authors!

  14. WOW . To someone who does little traveling what a treasure and to think maybe William Kent Krueger will sign it and if Bill Crider and Terry Shames are there it would be a big plus. Love your series Sherry.

  15. This is always a fun blog. Love your Garage Sale series Sherry.

  16. Love your books, Sherry. Love William Kent Krueger, too. What fun it would be to attend Crime Bake, either in person or virtually. It’s going on my bucket list.

  17. I would love to win one of Sherry’s books & run around with all of at a conference & have all your autographs. Another warm and funny post that is always fun to read!

  18. I love your Garage Sale series! I’m ready for the next book in the series after The Longest Garage Sale! I would be delighted to join the group on a stick.

  19. I love this idea and think anyone that gets to go is lucky. I hope some time I will be able to attend in person. I think that this is a wonderful tradition and I can’t wait to read all of the great stories that come out of the annual Crime Bake.

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