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by Kim in Dedham, Massachusetts enjoying Crime Bake.

windwardcoverToday is my day for the giveaway! Leave a comment by midnight to be entered to win an autographed copy of Windward: Best New England Crime Stories.

Well, it’s finally happened. This weekend we launched our first anthology as the new editors of Level Best Books. Windward has been a labor of love and I am proud to be a part of the team along with Harriette Sackler, Shawn Reilly Simmons, and Verena Rose.

It was a year ago this weekend that Level Best Books was passed from one Wicked Cozy editor (Barbara Ross) to another (that would be me!). I had spent the last five autumns coming to New England for the fabulous Crime Bake conference and have many of the anthologies that the previous Level Best Books editors had published. I was happy to pick up the torch and carry on the tradition of this wonderful New England anthology.

P. Jo Anne Burgh, winner of the 2016 Al Blanchard Award

The submissions came rolling in from January 1st. – May 31st. at a high rate of speed. All in all there were 225 stories to read. In the end thirty- three stories were selected that included the Al Blanchard Award winner.

I am happy to announce we will be publishing additional anthologies with Busted: Arresting Stories from the Beat to be released in April 2017.

It has been an exciting weekend for all involved and I would like to thank the Crime Bake committee for their warm welcome and assistance, the talented authors who submitted their stories and most of all Barbara Ross who gave me one pep talk after another and filled me with the encouragement I needed to see this project through.

We are winding up another spectacular conference weekend. There were plenty of laughs, lots of dancing and, most of all, a strong writers community to support and cheer for each other.

Join us next year, won’t you?

Do you enjoy reading and/or writing short stories? Which story has been the most memorable?





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  1. Wonderful! I enjoy reading short stories. I am reading, in spurts, The Mysterious Press anniversary anthology : celebrating 25, years at present as well as a few other books. My library loves me as I really increase their circulation stats.

  2. I am not a huge fan of short stories because they just aren’t meaty enough, but some times it just depends on what type of short story. If they are a branch off of a series that I like I might be more apt to try them.

    1. Stormi, recently every short I’ve written has featured my Quaker midwife and her 1888 setting from my series. It’s fun, and she gets to explore smaller cases that might not fit into a longer book.

    2. Hi, Stormi! I have to tell you that there was a time I felt the same way. However, I began reading a Shirley Jackson collection and it changed my mind. It was also through a short story I discovered Nancy Martin’s series featuring the Blackbird sisters. You definitely should give them another try!

  3. Love short stories! Can’t think of just one right nite… Thank you for the opportunity!!!

  4. I’ve just put this title on my amazon wish list! Congratulations to all who wrote and edited!

  5. Always loved the Level Best anthologies because they lived up to that name. Wishing the new team all the best – success, happiness and good reading. Sorry to have missed the unveiling of your first anthology and what appears to have been a top notch Crime Bake.

  6. I’ve never written a short story but I’ve read a few. I don’t have a favorite but Christmasy feeling ones always make me smile.

  7. Kim, you were glowing at Crime Bake–clearly this new gig suits you! I just picked up my ebook copy. Looking forward to reading it at my cabin over Thanksgiving weekend.

  8. Congrats on your first anthology as editor! (And I wouldn’t turn down a copy of this book if I should happen to win.)

  9. I am a reader and I like to read short storie and at the same time, I’ve always got a novel going too! Congrats on the new anthology.

  10. I do love short stories, and loved them even more when I was teaching and my free time was limited. Different ones surface depending on what’s happening. Right now, I’m thinking about Judith Merril’s “Survival Ship.” <3

  11. I’m not a big fan of short stories as a whole. The one big exception is Sherlock Holmes. I’m even a member of the ACD Society! However, I also love any copies!

  12. Congratulations on the anthology! It’s great to be able to read a selection of stories set in the same region by a range of familiar and new authors.

      1. Hi Kimberly. Wow, that’s great news! I sent you an email with my mailing address. Looking forward to reading these great stories!!

  13. I was never really a short story fan until about a year ago. Now, I am a big fan of anthologies. This anthology sounds great!

  14. Love anthologies- such a great way to be introduced to new to me writers.

  15. Congrats on your award! I really enjoy reading anthologies, I like the collection of stories by different authors and seeing their different style of writing. Would enjoy reading “Windward”.

  16. Congratulations! I’m glad the anthology continues on. Looking forward to reading it! 🙂

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