Happy Thanksgiving — Late Fall Reads

thankful-for-our-readers-giveaway-3It’s double giveaway day! Edith and Sherry are both giving away a book to one lucky winner! Sherry is giving away a copy of one of her books: Tagged for Death, The Longest Yard Sale, or All Murders Final — readers choice! And Edith is giving away one of her 2016 mysteries: Delivering the Truth, Grilled for Murder, or Murder Most Fowl — also readers choice!

Happy Thanksgiving, dear readers! After all the cooking and cleaning we hope you have time to put your feet up and enjoy a good book. Here’s what we are reading:

Liz: I’m super excited I’m getting a pre-read of Barb’s Iced Under! We’re doing some joint blog posts to celebrate our dual launch next month, so we’re reading each other’s books in advance. As usual, I’m loving it.

Sherry: I just finished reading Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger — what an amazing and beautifully written book. Next I’m going to read Permanent Sunset by C. Michele
Dorsey. I loved the first book in the Sabrina Salter series and a trip to St. John sounds perfect this time of year.permanentsunsetfinal1

Jessie: After my recent visit to Iceland I can’t get enough of Icelandic crime novels. I’m currently reading Cold Comfort by Quentin Bates. Next up is The Day is Dark by Yrsa Sigurdardottir.

Barb: I’m excited to have an ARC of Liz’s Custom Baked Murder in my hot little hands. I am also reading Mediterranean Summer,  a non-fiction about a chef who spends a summer working on a yacht, for my “work.” My work is so hard!

Edith: I’m also thrilled to be reading Permanent Sunset by C. Michele Dorsey, and when I’m done I’m diving, finally, into Hank Phillippi Ryan’s Say No More.

Julie: I just turned in Chime and Punishment (book #3), so I can read again!! My pile is large, but on top a book Sherry recommended–Jane Steele by Lyndsay Faye. Really looking forward to finally cracking it open.

Readers: What are you reading?



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  1. I’m currently reading Rhythm and Blues by Sue Ann Jaffarian ~ the newest installment in the Odelia Gray series.

  2. Just finished Eggnog Murder, the perfect appetizer before Black Friday sets off the rush to Christmas.

  3. I am currently reading JL Abramo’s Circling The Runway. It’s great to see PI Jake Diamond back after a 10 year absence, and this book won the 2016 Shamus award as best PI paperback original. Next up after that is Gigi Pandian’s Michelangelo’s Ghost. Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!!

  4. I just started The Hanging Tree by Tony Parsons..someone wrote a compelling review soooooo… Have a great and safe Thanksgiving.

  5. I just finished Twisted Threads by Lea Wait and loved it so much I went right on to the next book in the series, Threads of Evidence. My recent cozies have been phenomenal reads!!

  6. I’m reading a Regency Romance right now. I throw one in between several mystery novels to change it up a bit. Next I’m reading a mystery from Netgalley. I love ARC’s. Happy Thanksgiviing!

  7. I just finished The Cupcake Caper, I was very impressed, it was not what I expected at all and fantastic.

    I received Cooking for Jeffery, Ina Garten’s new book for my birthday. I have a horribly picky family, but I love reading her cookbooks.

    llcejka at gmail dot com

  8. I’m very grateful to be on the reading lists of two of you. Thanks Edith and Sherry! I’ve packed all of my books to be sent to St. John for my upcoming trip, so I’m listening to Behind Closed Doors. Talk about creepy. Happy to report books written by all of the Wicked Cozies are on their way to St. John. Happy Thanksgiving all!

  9. I just started reading Reliquary by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child but I’m waiting for the library to be open tomorrow to pick up Snoop to Nuts by Elizabeth Lee

  10. You are all reading such good books! I am just beginning The Queen’s Accomplice by Susan Elia NacNeal. I have grown very fond of Maggie Hope. Thanks!

  11. What a hard decision this would be to have to choose which one I’d want as mine but it would be fun for sure. Thanks for this opportunity and a Happy Thanksgiving to all of you at Wicked Cozy Authors.

  12. Maple Mayhem is on my nightstand, and I just finished The Icing on the Corpse. (I love my Wicked Cozies!)

  13. I am reading Cat Seeing Double by Shirley Rousseau Murphy. Love her books. Mystery with humor. The PI is Joe Grey a sentient cat and his lady love Dulcie, also a sentient cat. Joe’s acerbic comments about humans are spot on and so funny. They are the type of book you can read, and read again. Love the series

  14. I just finished Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania by Erik Larson which was excellent. I am now reading Scheduled to Death by Mary Feliz for Net Galley (my first Net Galley book!), and am enjoying that. Jane Steele is on my TBR pile — love the cover!

  15. I’m reading All Murders Final!, right now. It’s especially good with a quiet cup of coffee.

  16. I am getting ready to read, Facials Can Be Fatal by Nancy Cohen & I just finished A Merry Christmas Wedding Mystery by Anna Celeste Burke. Wishing all you wonderful holidays!

  17. Happy Thanksgiving ladies! I’m currently reading A Vision of Murder by Victoria Laurie. I really like her Psychic Eye series. Thank you for a chance to win!

  18. I’m reading Bill Crider’s whole series of Sheriff Dan Rhodes. I’m half way through and book 23 just came out.How I missed this series I’ll never know but it’s been a joy to have them one after another and they filled my heart and soul. The books are funny and even though there is a murder and lots of twists and turns you know Sheriff Dan Rhodes will make everything right.. My only problem is he is married and I’ve lost my heart to him.. I hear Bill Crider is a wonderful man in person.

  19. The Tea Planters Wife by Dinah Jefferies. 3/4 thru and yet to get to the “mystery”, I was thinking this book would possibly be like the Phyliss Whitney books I read when I was much younger but even though it is ok so far, it just misses the mark for me. Haven’t picked my next read yet but thinking something comical. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

  20. I have found a lot of new authors this year! I just finished The Second Man by Emelle Gamble. Five stars!

  21. I’m currently reading “Death of a Toy Soldier” by Barbara Early. It’s a really fun read. I’m really enjoying the book.

  22. I am reading The Question of the Unfamiliar Husband by E.J. Copperman/Jeff Cohen. Great series….Happy Thanksgiving!

  23. I’m reading The Ghosts of Misty Hollow by Sue Ann Jaffarian. And I still have a few chapters left of the audio version of The Poet by Michael Connelly.

  24. Very happily laughing and crying my way through “A Man Called Ove.” A gem!
    Movie coming to the area in mid-December…

  25. Oh man! I can’t believe I didn’t sign up yesterday. Maybe this will still count… please please!! Of all the wicked authors there are two books I’m missing and they happen to both be up for grabs in this giveaway!! I’m currently reading/loving Murder at Morningside! Thanks for everything you do!

  26. Yesterday was a very busy day and I didn’t get a chance to sign in! I am reading Bag and Lady by S. Y. Robins while I’m waiting for the postman to bring my new book from Sherry!,

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