Wicked New England: Where Would You Pose for a Holiday Photo?

New England is very, very photogenic and has a bit of everything–oceans, rivers, lakes, mountains, cities, towns, farms, factories. Wickeds, if you were going to take an iconic shot for a holiday card, where would you take it?img_0404

Jessie: I love shadow photos. You know, those pictures that are of the shadows made by the subjects rather than the subjects themselves. I love to take them of friends and family on the beach at Old Orchard. Everyone lines up and we snap a shot of what is cast upon the sand. They are especially nice if there are some distinctive hats in the mix. I think one with my husband and all my kids would make for a great holiday card.

2005christmas05Edith: I love those, too, Jessie, and I have one in a frame of my same-height-friend Jennifer and me, also at the beach. The only time we’ll ever have long legs! Our family tries to get a picture in front of the decorated tree – but it’s usually  on Christmas morning. And since I rarely get a card out before Christmas, that actually works! This one is from 2007, with my sister Janet at far left.

rockportSherry: We also have lots of Christmas tree photos! And photos from the many different places we’ve lived. As for iconic places in New England, I always wished we would have taken a picture in one of my favorite coastal towns, Rockport, Massachusetts. I’m not sure why they call this building Motif #1 but it would make an excellent background for a Christmas photo!

Liz: I love community Christmas tree lightings – so if a picture is possible in that setting, perfect. Otherwise, it’s always a good photo to have the dogs and cats sitting under the newly decorated tree!

Barb: I need one with one of those iconic lobster trap Christmas trees.

Readers: Where would you – or do you – stage your holiday photo?


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  1. Anywhere family and friends are makes a good backdrop! But if I could do it anywhere in the world, I’d pose on the mountain in Switzerland (near Salzburg) where Julie Andrews did her opening twirl and song, and have a drone overhead snapping pictures. I have a secret flair for the dramatic.

  2. I don’t do Christmas photos since its only me but I love taking pics of myself by Christmas trees out and about!

  3. From Wikipedia: Painter Lester Hornby (1882–1956) is believed to be the first to call the shack “Motif Number 1,”[2] a reference to its being the favorite subject of the town’s painters, and the name achieved general acceptance.

  4. Being one of those very creative people (please note the sarcasm), I’d probably take one in front of the Christmas tree. We do take a family Christmas picture on Christmas Day, but that’s for us, not for the Christmas photo, and it’s not always in front of the tree.

  5. Since I really don’t like having my picture taken, I would rather not be in a Christmas card. However, one of the few pix of me that I like I am sitting on the top of Huayna PIcchu above the ruins at Machu Picchu. I’d be happy to go back and take the family any day!

  6. I don’t usually do Christmas photos, but I would like to take one with my sister and the dogs along Lake Michigan with the lighthouse in the background.

  7. Since my head’s still in Ireland, I’d go to the Drombeg Stone Circle in West Cork, which aligns with the winter solstice close to Christmas. I was there (again) this week.

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