Opening Lines — Mr. Wrong

Here’s our opening lines Valentine’s Day edition! Readers: Add your opening line!

Version 3

Barb: I can’t say I wasn’t warned.

Jessie: Every time I stop at a light some guy knocks on my window and tries to convince me that he is Mr. Right.

Liz: I had a knack for picking them. Even when all the signs pointed to a disaster.

Edith: She should’ve known I was kidding about the license plate. I mean, isn’t the Bat Shield more important? But no, she’s gotta lock me out of my own jeep. Changed the locks on the house, too. And on Valentine’s Day!

Sherry: Even the restraining order didn’t convince me he was Mr. Wrong.

Julie: “I always believe in lowering expectations with the ladies,” he said, opening the car door. He swept the empty beer cans onto the floor and used his sleeve to wipe off the seat. Mission accomplished, I thought. Last time I’d let Sally fix me up.



41 Thoughts

  1. He was all wrong for me. He drank, smoked, was tattooed and was married. So of course I fell madly in love.

  2. “Dear Lord, where were his eyes?”
    I’m all set to read Julie’s story based on that opening sentence!

  3. As I watched him climb into his jeep to leave, my heart hoped that the only gear he could find was reverse, as he drove miraculously out of my life.

  4. He shot me what I suppose was supposed to be a flirtatious grin as he climbed into his Jeep and backed out. Mr. Wrong. Well, at least he got one thing right..

  5. “Mr. Wrong? I’ll show you how wrong,” I yelled as I picked up the shovel and swung it at him, missing him but knocking the side mirror off.

    “You think this is funny? You cheat on me and dare to put a Mr. Wrong license plate on MY Jeep that you ran off with?” I swung the shovel again, this time smashing a headlight.

    “And that’s how it started, officer,” I said to the cop who gently guiding me into the back seat of his cruise in full view of my ex’s corpse.

  6. I couldn’t understand why I was getting shot down so much until I saw my license plates. Someone was having a laugh at my expense, and I knew just who it was. Believe me, he’d be sorry about this prank.

  7. That poor car. Her beautiful eyes were wide open with fear as she told me she was imprisoned by the wrong guy. I had to help her. I’m the right guy for her, I just know it.

    So I freed her. Now a dozen cop cars are right behind us, but my baby tells me we can escape them by climbing down that cliff to our right. Let’s see those cops follow us there!

  8. It always gets a laugh. Better than a pick-up line. And if I’m wrong, I’m right.

  9. I eased down my front steps, wary of turning an ankle in my brand new, Valentine red stilletos. The license plate should have been my first clue. MR WRONG. I put it down to a warped sense of humor until I saw the — ZOMBIE!! — waiting by the car door. My stilletos went flying one way as I dashed in the opposite direction. So much for Valentine’s Day. Next year it’s Hershey bars and Netflix for me.

  10. I just saw the picture that goes along with this! It never showed up until now. So my apologies that my opening line has nothing to do with the man and the truck

  11. When I refused to get in the car with him after our fabulous date upon seeing that license plate, can you believe he tried to convince me his last name is Wong, and that it was a DMV mistake? What a loser.

  12. Criminals hate me. No love lost from cops, either. Bail jumpers cringe at the sound of my name. I’m not politically correct. I hate Valentine’s Day. I don’t follow the rules, I don’t carry a badge and I don’t let bad guys win. I’ve been married three times, and each one said I was married to my job.

    They’re right. I’m Wrong…Mr. Wrong.

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