My Big Pile of Books

Jane/Sadie/Susannah here, gearing up for a weekend filled with family, friends, and memories and wishing the same for all of you …

All the talk this week about desks and what we read outside the cozy genre makes me want to combine the subjects. I have a big ole pile of books, which is currently parked on top of my roll-top desk, where I do my day job as well as much of my writing work. Now, this is not my only pile of books (puh-leeze), but it’s the one I look up at most days. Here’s a sample of what’s up there:

The Emotional Craft of Fiction, Donald Maass

The India Fan, Victoria Holt

Caroline: Oxbow’s American Bonaparte, Ethel Comins

Hope Blooms, Jamie Pope

The Rain Sparrow, Linda Goodnight

Writing Screenplays that Sell, Michael Hauge

Our Fans’ Favorites, The Stratton Mountain Boys (this is a CD of traditional German music that we play during our Oktoberfest meals–not sure why it’s there!)

Murder in Chelsea, Victoria Thompson

Pregnesia, by Carla Cassidy

Crazy times, I know. I’ve also included in the picture a couple of other fun things, including my work mascot, Beans the bulldog, a snow globe from my hometown, and an official bottle of Vitameatavegamin from the Lucy and Desi museum.

What’s the craziest thing on your desk?



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  1. That’s quite a collection of books! Since I cleaned it off yesterday, not much crazy, but I do have a very tiny Buddha statue under the lamp to remind me to breathe. And the case for the CD I listened to as I cleaned my desk, a favorite with Emmy Lou Harris, Dolly Parton, and Linda Ronstadt. I listened to it twice in a row, in fact! Otherwise a few journaly notebooks, a box of kleenex, some dark chocolate, emergency cough drops, and my daily list notebook and pen. But ya shoulda seen it yesterday…

      1. Oooh. I have a recording of Linda Ronstadt and Emmy Lou Harris (Tucson Sessions) that I have loved for years, but didn’t know about this one. Must find and thanks for the info!

  2. A replica of a Revolutionary War cannon that I bought at Valley Forge a few years ago (it doubles as a pencil sharpener). Also one of those bendy wooden artist’s models (the six-inch size).

  3. I’m reading The Emotional Craft of Fiction too — such a great book. I have a whole array of crazy things on one corner of my desk including: the Wonder Woman bracelet my husband gave me for Christmas, my mini US Marshal pin from Marc Cameron, a paperweight that looks like a giant diamond ring my daughter gave me for my unsold series, a cool glass pen holder my mom gave me with my CIA pen in it, a tiny treasure chest that Shari Randall gave me, my Sisters in Crime pin, my MWA pin, along with a few other things.They don’t take up that much room and they make me smile.

  4. Vitameatavegamin, I love it! Most of the things on my desk are pretty mundane, but two things add a little interest: a magnet that reads, “Keep Calm and Write,” and a pen that’s shaped like a witch’s broom from Tonya Kappes that I picked up at Malice one year. Maybe I’d be more creative if I added a few things.

  5. I have a ton of things on my desk that don’t seem crazy to me but I know how they’d look to a stranger, like: a stuffed Rainbow Dash my daughter got me when I decided being a person sucked and I wanted to be a pony instead because who doesn’t love ponies, a pile of corks from champagne bottles popped to commemorate different stages in my (young) publishing career, a few octopods from my friend Heather to remind me to embrace life, a pile of crime stickers, and a chocolate rose from my anniversary two weeks ago.

  6. As I’ve said before, I don’t have a writing desk. But on my desk at the day job I have a tiny figure of Marvin the Martian pointing his ray-gun. I like to think he’s there to chase away the people with silly questions. 🙂

  7. A stuffed animal from my summer course at Oxford in 2000– he wears my ID badge and reminds me that yes, I AM a writer! Enjoy your weekend. Loved the Holts~

  8. Crazy because it’s always empty: a note holder that’s fashioned from a giant (3 inch, I measured) brass paper clip stuck into a 2x2x1-inch base of Connemara marble (the real thing, green, from County Connemara, Ireland). I really ought to use it to display something special! –kate/ C T Collier

  9. I have a calculator on my desk since I am currently engaged in a family business! I have that Victoria Holt book in my collection. It is so difficult to find her books in bookstores here, but I’m always on the lookout in bookstores. Hope you are enjoying the weekend!

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