The Detective’s Daughter Goes on Retreat

Edith here. Our Accomplice, Kim Gray,who usually writes the Detective’s Daughter posts, can’t be here today, so I’m jumping in to share her virtual report of going on a writers’ retreat.

Kim, Annette Dashofy, Martha Reed, and I were invited by Ramona DeFelice Long to go on a week-long retreat at Clare House, a convent retreat house in Pennsylavania. None of us had any problem with jumping at the opportunity. I’d gone with Ramona and Kim last year and loved it. After we returned last week, Kim put up a few pictures and commentary on her Facebook page, so I’m drawing it together in a blog post for her!

The gathering spot for the animals’ breakfast.


Time for reflection.


Our doorbell.


The front entrance of my home away from home.


A good spot to sit and think.


My companion on my walks these past seven days.


A great place to relax and write.


(Edith: The “Hermitages” referenced in the sign are five tiny cottages also on the grounds that one can rent. I haven’t been inside, but the web site says they are 17′ x 17′ and have all the essentials, including a mini-kitchen. Wow.)


Our last dinner table set.


Edith: And a couple of mine, this one just before Ramona, Kim, and Martha set out to explore the Amish farmers’ market. It wasn’t all work!


And my “office” in the room designated as the chapel.

Edith's desk

We all had a highly productive week interspersed by laughter, wine, meals, and of course, storytelling. And we Wickeds look forward to having Kim back next month with another tale of the Detective’s Daughter.

Readers: Where do you go to recharge, to think, to reflect, to get away from your usual setting?





20 Thoughts

  1. It was a wonderful (and productive!) week. Can’t wait to do it again.

  2. Same time, same place, next year! I go there a couple of times a year with different friends. If I could start a retreat business, I would. The ambiance is wonderful, but the best part is the company. Thank you all for spending the week. It was the best!

  3. Lovely pictures. I need to get away for a weekend (or even an overnight) and unfortunately it’s just not going to happen any time soon.

  4. For me it has always been my backyard, out on the deck with that first cup of coffee before everyone else wakes up, can’t be beat!

  5. Edith, sounds amazing! This week I’m in Oregon with my novel critique group. Everyone gets a day to go over entire manuscripts we’ve sent out a few weeks earlier. We’re in Ashland, and one night will be at the Shakespeare Festival, too! This is our 13th year we’ve done this, rotating to each other’s home states~

  6. Thanks for sharing a beautiful place. Twice a year I go on spirituality retreats, one small one in Lewes, DE, at the University’s retreat house, and a larger one held in a somewhat more rustic camp in Wernersville, PA. They are just for the weekend. Wonderful workshops help one focus on things like mindfulness without getting too woo-woo. Great battery charging time.

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