Moments of Nature

By Liz, who’s been writing so many blog posts her head may explode soon…

You guys. The launch of Cat About Town is a week away, and I’ve been doing so many guest blogs I have no original thoughts any longer. Usually when I’m at work and that happens, I try to go out for a walk and clear my head.

So I’m going to share a few moments of nature from some of my and Shaggy’s recent walks, and hopefully they will clear all our heads! Or at least, I hope you enjoy them.

Swans enjoying the river.
IMG_2326 2
Some people call them weeds, but I love dandelions!
A view from the top of our walk.
The nearby beach.
Ducks enjoying the water.
Fearless chipmunk.

And, a little fountain meditation. Don’t worry – it will straighten itself once you hit play!




Readers, what’s your favorite nature break? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. You get some great vistas there, Liz! And I’m so excited for your launch. I like to walk up to the top of Powow Hill, which I live at the bottom of. There’s a town-owned green space up there, and a bench to rest on. On a clear day you can see Maine and most of the way to Boston. And on the way up and down I plot my next scene or two.

    1. I do kind of miss my old town green! That was a lovely place too. There are some nice spots near the water here where Shags and I sit and plot sometimes too.

  2. We have beautiful parks here in NC. I like to take walks on the nature trails and watch all of the birds flying about. It’s very relaxing.

  3. Some day soon, I hope my favorite nature break is my backyard again. Once the new fence and gate is finished, so we can put in the retaining wall, which will allow us to build the deck and lay the patio.

    For now, it’s the lake across the parkway from our neighborhood. Lots of shade, lots of beautiful views, lots of clean air.

  4. Soothing! Nice spaces for clearing the brain, breathing freely and recreational renewal!

  5. I love the redwoods, but they are all up in northern CA, so I don’t get to see them very often.

    And I love the beach. It’s only an hour away, but outside of spring ultimate Frisbee beach league, I don’t go down there very often, either.

  6. Oh the nearby beach! I love it. Here I go to the mountain and enjoy the river when I can…which is almost never anymore.

  7. Thanks for sharing these restful views. I’ve been busy with new house stuff….I needed some head clearing. We have a nice walk by the beach – if I ever get myself out to enjoy it. Good luck with the launch – let me know if I can do anything to help.

  8. Anywhere in nature, be it in the woods, in the mountains, or in the desert. I’m very lucky that I have a nature wonderland in my own backyard.

  9. I just look out the window, but I’ll be glad when the tree guy gets done cleaning up after the recent storm and can remove the dead apple branches.

  10. On nice days, I ride my bike to work on the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail in Anchorage. On days I don’t ride, I usually walk part of it. If it’s very clear, you can see Denali. Otherwise, wild roses, fireweed, daisies, herons, swans, seagulls, ravens, along Cook Inlet. I’m one lucky girl to live in Alaska.

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