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Edith: Meh. No guns, no schmuns. How was I supposed to enforce the No Smoking rule without my trusty Colt?

Barb: You can never underestimate the ire of an addict deprived of nicotine.

Liz: Since I couldn’t bring my gun inside, I waited right at the door for those unsuspecting smokers to step outside with their cancer sticks. I mean, who were they to kill me with their nasty habit? I had to beat them to it.

Julie: She walked into the store, looked right at the security camera, took out a cigarette and put it in her mouth. She took a small gun out of her purse, pointed it at the camera, and pulled the trigger. Poof, a flame shot out of the end, and she lit her cigarette with it. She blew out a smoke ring, and kept staring at the camera, daring her wimp of a boyfriend to come out and confront her.

Jessie: Bernice looked with frustration at the sign before her. Upon reflection she supposed she should have been prepared for something like that when she signed up for the International Assassins Conference. Still, she thought they might have included some mention of the NO GUNS policy on the registration form.

Sherry: I looked over my shoulder and saw my date standing outside so I motioned for him to come in. He shook his head no and showed me his Glock. It was love at first sight.

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  1. Well dadgummit, Earleen, I tole you this would happen if we spent our honeymoon ‘cross th’state line!

  2. I patted my briefcase and thought of the knives stashed within it, the man who drove my baby sister to suicide was about to get a short, very sharp shock!

  3. I just want to stay once in this hotel. Are the rich worried about something?

  4. I looked down at the pack of smoke in one hand and my revolver in the other, then back up at the cheating husband I’d tracked through six states now staring at me through the glass door.

    I shot him through the middle of the No Guns Allowed Beyond this Point; then I dropped my gun, lit up, and waited for the cops.

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