Wicked Wednesday – More Podcasts!

Hey everyone! We had so much fun talking about crime podcasts last week that we decided to delve into a couple more categories. It’s so cool to hear what other people are listening to and finding new things to explore. And today, the news we listen to is so important, right? So Wickeds, which news-focused podcast do you love?

Julie: I am SO sorry I missed last week’s discussion. (Assuming Crime Town was included!) I love podcasts–I walk a lot, and take the train to work, and find them a perfect way to spend my time. News centered? I download WGBH’s Boston Public Radio, and WBUR’s On Point, so I can catch up when I can’t listen. I only download a couple of episodes, though, since news podcasts don’t age well.

Sherry: I still haven’t listened to any. But am eager to hear what others are listening too!

Barb: My daughter got me into Modern Love. In this series, made by one of Boston’s NPR stations, WBUR, and the New York Times, actors read Modern Love columns from the Times. The columns are moving and so are the discussions with the actors about why they were drawn to the column they picked. As a long-time reader of Modern Love, I’ve heard some stories that I’d missed, and seen new things in columns I remembered.

Edith: Sorry, not my topic! I get my news from the newspaper and WBUR or WGBH on the radio, and love the mix of news and laughs that the NPR show “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” offers. But I’m just not a podcast kind of gal.

Jessie: One of my sons is such a podcast enthusiast. Because of his encouragement Ihave started listening to Crime Town, This American Life and also Ted Talks as podcasts. Since my daily commute involves walking down two flights of stairs my life is not really as seemlessly suited to podcasts as some people’s but I enjoy them when I remember to give them a listen.

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  1. The only one I listen to occasionally is Good Morning Gloucester, which features a jolly group of Gloucester people gathered at Joey Ciametaro’s office “down the dock.” Keeps me up to speed on happenings in the seaport city where I once lived! It gets a lot of awards, so I guess it’s a pretty popular one.

  2. Sherry, I’m glad somebody else here is behind the times! I don’t know when or where I’d find time to listen to any, and when I used to commute by train, they hadn’t been invented yet. I think. On the other hand, I’ve been reading daily newspapers since I was about eight, when my father would leave his copy on the table when he went to work. The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Newark Star-Ledger (? I could be wrong on the name), The Boston Globe, the San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner (one for each leg of the commute)–I can’t get my day started without my dose of print news (and that first cup of coffee).

  3. Thanks for these fun posts! I think I was the one who suggested the topic. 🙂 For anyone who has an iPhone, listening is as easy as tapping the Podcasts app and searching on your favorite topics and/or celebrities/guests/hosts.

    Many years ago, that’s how I found one of my favorite podcasts: WTF with comedian Marc Maron, which has gone on to enormous success. I also love Robin Roberts’ (from Good Morning America) Everybody’s Got Something, 10% Happier (about meditation), and many more. I noticed one today about mysteries: “It’s a Mystery Podcast,” and I see that my friend Cindy Brown was interviewed recently!

    I appreciate podcasts on long trips, during chores, in waiting rooms, while pushing through exercise routines, etc. I keep earbuds with me at all times! Happy listening!

  4. One of my daughters drives a lot, and she also runs hours a day (she’s the one who recently ran the Oregon coast, north to south, in two weeks. 420 miles = 25-30 miles per day). She uses an app on her phone that lets her choose from a menu of podcasts, but you can also use an iPhone/iTunes account, or Audible, or Nook or Kindle apps.

    I’ve listened to This American Life, Ted Talks, and RadioLab, which is my daughter’s favorite.They’re short, which is better for small bursts of listening time.

  5. I missed last week’s post on podcasts, but I’m so glad to learn about Crime and Stuff! The problem with a number of true crime podcasts is that, when done poorly, you have the eerie feeling that a slightly crazy person is sitting next to you on the bus, insisting you hear his theories on a famous strangler.
    You Must Remember This is a podcast mainly about old Hollywood, but they did have a season long exploration on the Manson Family murders which was amazing. Some This American Life (precursor to Serial) has some interesting stand alone episodes about crimes and mysteries.
    There are also a number of fiction podcasts that delve into mysteries- one of my favorites is The Black Tapes Project which is like Serial by way of X files.
    I’m a complete convert!. Podcasts keep me sane during laundry, cooking, general carpooling, and any other mundane tasks.

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